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Tips on Increasing Sales?


Hello, I don’t know is this a right category to post on.

So, I’ve got 7 active gigs. From which only one gig got a decent amount of sales and recently my clicks/views/impressions have started dropping on my inactive gigs, while on the gigs I advertise daily these things aren’t going that much up and sales from my top gig suddenly stopped.

Here is the preview of my gigs, the one’s I want to rank are the first 3. I promote them daily on Facebook “Make Money Online” type of groups using auto-poster software through my three Facebook accounts and on Twitter from just one account. I bump the posts in groups at least 10 times a day for each post and still not getting sales. It’s a pain in the ass to work my ass off everyday but no conversions. My conversion rate is 0.3%

What am I asking is to take a look at my gigs and give me some suggestions on how to improve every and each of them, thank you in advance.

One more thing: Has anyone had any experience with “Social Bookmarking” gigs? What were your results with this gig from Crorkservice:

Did your gig traffic improve over time with them or anything else worth mentioning?


-Luka K.


Thank you for your response. I already have read a lot of tips on improving but none of these bring that much of a improvement.


you click on my sale => buyer request> submit to the buyer

it is an opportunity to promote opportunities for you

who submit more than 1 order/100 submit

good luck!


Concentrate on your most viewed and clicked gig. Work on it, once it ranked 1st page of the category, it will take care of the rest of your gigs. Focus on one, once ranked, you can promote/upsell your other gigs to your clients.


Reply to @huynhkhoe: I know that already, thanks for your effort anyway.


Reply to @vince007: Thank you, I will try to do that!