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Tips on Optimizing your GIG

So the other day around 2 am I was going through a few posts and I found alot of people who had a problem with optimizing their gigs, so after individually answering a few of them I wanted to give out some advice in general to the audience.

STEP 1 Case Study:
lets make a Case study here, by studying a seller who has just started out on a Graphics Design Blog and wanted us to have a look at their gig and how to optimize it. So, this is the general advice I came up for him and I feel you can apply it to your gigs as well to make it better. I will also try to attach his profile if fiverr allows it in the tips section, But I’ve attached a few pictures to his gig as an idea.

Here’s a Picture of his GIGS:

Case Study Advice:
Looking at it from the point of a buyer I’d say there’s just too much information on the main post pictures that tries to make it flashy, and since spams are designed to be more flashy, it kind of resembles those. So I’d suggest as a designer you should clean it up a little bit.

As a seller who’s been with the Fiverr forum for more than 6 years, I’d say alot of new sellers try to spread their span by creating tons of gigs, but that’s really not the way to go, Fiverr has taken a whole life of itself after it started, it has matured a lot since its inception, so strategizing now is the key for any group.
First and foremost, I think your basic GIG is just too expensive as a starter, so you need to relook that, but for other things, here are a few things I suggest you can do to improve.

i. Start by offering One gig.
So when someone goes to your profile, the first thing a buyer will be to research you more on how trustworthy you really are, and if they see tons of gigs with flashy messages, that doesn’t exude much confidence. If you do some online courses on entrepreneurship, they overuse that Chinese saying of how a warrior says they’re not afraid of the thousand moves you have but one move you’ve practiced a thousand times, so I’d really suggest starting small. Giving one gig all you have.

ii. Change your gig style.
Do not, I repeat DO NOT use stock photos, it just makes you look fake, instead what I would suggest would be to take out pictures of some place in your city that’s really beautiful and do some manipulations there. Maybe do some 3D structures that are interacting with a real person, done right this can give you an edge.

iii. Find a niche.
So since fiverr really has tons of people doing what you do, try to find a niche in it and just cater to that niche, a person who needs something that can’t be done anywhere else will definitely get it done by you. It doesn’t need to be something very new, just a little different will do great.

iv. (Experimental) Reach a broader audience:
So this is a bit experimental, but can work great if you’re really serious about freelancing, you can do instagram or facebook ads, to share what your’e niched idea/ service is and you can get great results. Full disclosure I haven’t done this my self for this purpose specifically, But I know it can have great results if you’re persistent on the ads.

You really need to do a whole new redesign if you wish to go far on Fiverr, it really doesn’t compliment new users until they’re really different in their work or professionalism. So you can do some research. If you want to read more on how you can do research into working on a freelancer, you can read the most recent post I did here as well.

Tips on How to start as a Freelancer Tips for Sellers

So I recently had a problem with something to resolve which I stumbled on to the forum. I saw that there’s alot of people who still aren’t clear on how they can start out as a seller on Fiverr. So here are my two cents on the matter, thing’s I’ve learned throughout my 6 years of freelancing experience. Lets break everything down evenly, if you think you’ve already gone through the process, skip through the steps. A. Knowing how useful your services can be to other people. So this is somethin…

Let me know if you need any help.


Pretty Excited to be giving another TIP article, I’ll be refreshing every 10 minutes to see if there are any questions :smiley:


Hey this is really informative, Thankyou so much for the Details.
I’ll surly try to apply these in my gig.

Can I message you if I have any questions?


It’s a pleasure buddy, sure you can message me anytime.


This is very interesting. Thank You for posting this.


Why do you think it’s important to only go with one gig in the beginning?


Because Just like I said before, its important for you to show them that you’re good at one thing and one thing alone. When you have more reviews on your first gig that increases your credibility, rather than having more gigs with lesser reviews.


I think many people make this mistake. Its good that you pointed this out. Thanks for making a clear picture.


You’re welcome buddy :slight_smile: its been a pleasure writing for others as well.


What if you have photos of your own, but they look like stock photos?


If that’s the case then it means its good quality, one way of making it look ‘non stockish’ (if that’s even a word :stuck_out_tongue: ) is to use the same person in all the pictures, that way there will be consistency in it, elevating the overall gig as well.


Yes that is really helpful , thanks for sharing. Good luck to all sellers :slight_smile:

Maria S.


That was a pleasure Maria, Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you for everything so you do for us!

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It’s a pleasure Alex. :slight_smile: hope this helps.

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Helpful tips keep it up :+1:


Thanks budd. :slight_smile: hope it helped.

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OOOOhh!!! thank you for the information


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It’s my Pleasure buddy :slight_smile:

I will do it as you have adviced… Because I need it seriously to help my account