Tips on Tips


Hi Everyone

Probably an obvious question and probably one that has been asked before.

Just wondered if other sellers have tips on good practice for Tip Gigs. I have set up my own Tip Gig and just wondering if others promote their tip gig after they have delivered to a buyer?

Is it a good idea or bad idea to mention the Tip Gig after delivery? And if so what is the best way promote?

Cheers in advance

Mr Explainer


Cheers! Ozzieuk!

Will take a look!


Sure head over to Adam’s (Twistedweb123) Post:




Hi Thanks for that! really helpful. Would be great to hear how other promote their tip gigs after delivery of gig.



Reply to @madmoo: Thanks. You have affirmed me in my hesitancy to ask for tip at the delivery. I like the idea of a built in tip option! Yes Please Fiverr please!