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Tips on where to advertise online?

Hi, i havent got any orders in about 2 months, i believe i need to advertise or work
more on my gig layout, can anyone support me with some tips, iam an architect
and i deliver blueprints for furniture, construction and design blueprints!
thank you!

Hi there!

You could increase the number of gigs - say split the furniture into shelving, tables, cabinets etc.

Consider reducing the cost so your gigs start with something for $5?

Add a video to each gig - it really does help!

Hope this helps - i’m sure there’ll be lots of other ideas folks’ll have!

Send buyer requests on daily basis. Try to promote your gig on Google+ and twitter.

Are you aware that posting your personal contact information anywhere in your profile or gig description is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service? It could get you banned from Fiverr.

Until you get more orders, figure out a way to offer a base $5 level gig - something that obviously may be worth more than the $5 you are charging, but enough to start gaining credibility.

In addition, you should perhaps consider engaging a strategic business development consultant to help you create an initial milestone plan to give you a road map of where and how to marketing your services outside of Fiverr, identify an easy to reach target market with your ideal client base, which in turn will allow you to request higher fees for your services.