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Tips please? (Analytics Included)

Hello guys,

Here are the links to my first 2 threads:

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I was looking at my analytics and have noticed that out of the views I’ve got that around 82% have clicked on my gig.

What I’m trying to figure out is “What is keeping customers from ordering once they click on my gig?”

Should I add a video of myself talking? Will this make my listing more personal since people would be able to see me?

Once again, any tips or recommendations are appreciated!


I don’t think any of us can truly tell you this, because we don’t know the search behavior, gig interests, or what those buyers were even looking for. The only people that can answer this question, are the buyers who saw your gig, and chose not to hire you – and neither you, nor us, have access to those buyers.

Keep in mind too, Photoshop retouching is a heavily saturated service here. There are thousands of sellers offering the same exact service. What would make YOUR Photoshop retouching service stand out, and stand out above all those thousands of competitors?

A video would certainly provide a more personal approach, but it will not guarantee more sales. People do like to see who they would be hiring, so, hey, give it a try, and see what happens.


Thanks for the feedback jonbaas! I think I’ll add a video and see what happens.

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Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

Thanks! I will read them.

Also adding more images could show more examples of the types of things you could do in the gig. Though you could also do that in the gig video a couple more images might also help.

Also maybe list more of the ‘many’ photo editing services you provide in the gig.

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