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Tips received but are not showing in Earnings


Hi there! Could somebody help me to understand why am I not receiving tips left for several gigs in my revenues. Al I see and all I can withdraw is the original gig price already with a 20% discounted, of course, there is no trace of the 5$ tip (4 more dollars). Nevertheless, I can see it right on the top of the completed gig (i.e. “You earned 8$”). Have you ever encountered a similar issue? I already submitted a ticket but…


That’s the perfect first step. Submitting a ticket. I’ve seen several other users having similar issues. Hopefully support will resolve it for you.


Are you sure the tips are not listed in your revenues page? Because as far as I remember, tips are listed separately from the order in the revenues page (they are like another “virtual” order listed on that page)


As @Woofy31 says, tips are listed separately so you should see the original prices gig (less 20%) and the $4 tip separately.


As was stated, the tip will look like a separate order and appear in your earnings.