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Tips Related to tags


Hey, Friends hope you all will be fine.

Note: - This post is only for newbies.

Well, today I want to share just a simple method with newbies. Whenever you are creating a gig, you must need tags.So use always much relevant tags to your category or niche.
Example: if you are WP seller try this type of tags (

fix WordPress
customize WordPress
WordPress CSS fix
fix WordPress error
fix WordPress issue


If you are logo design try this kind of relevant tags (

graphic design

you may also get ideas from high rated sellers about tags.


really good things.




can i use 3 words in single tag?


Depends how long, just try it out, you can delete tags and write them new.
Example: I tried ‘From English Into German’, didn´t work, too many letters all-in-all, but 3 words like ‘English To German’ works. Just try out what you want to put, it won´t let you type more than a maximum amount of signs per tag, but nothing worse will happen :wink:


Thank you, share your best. Better, fix WordPress, customize, WordPress CSS fix, error, issue


My pleasure


yes long tail keywords also work, but try 1 word keyword


Thank you very much. Informative thing waiting for next article. :slight_smile:


Good to see a fellow successful Pakistani here on Fiverr :slight_smile: I am sure your tips would definitely help out beginners very much.


Yes! will post very soon.


Thanks for Appreciation.Exactly that would help a lot to newbies INSHALLAH


Nice Sharing!


Thanks for the share, I am newbie here and I really freak out to not find my published newly fresh gig. btw, I thinks its to abroad with your share, what if my gigs its so specific like minecraft things. any suggestion?


Real Sharing!


nice and good sharing




great !


It depend on characters.


cool and nice info