Tips & request for sellers



From a couple of the days, I’m noticing that some seller post as a prank in buyer request and some are directly texting to other buyers and sellers also. Even someone texting me too!! hahaha

Please stop texting like this. If I or they complain to fiverr, you’ll be banned!! Do, marketing, I hope it will work & increase your skills.



Thanks for sharing this information


very beautiful tips thank you so much


My pleasure. I hope it’ll help you.



Thank you so much k_tamim.


Thanks a lot for this.


My pleasure…


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This is a good tip & request. The bad thing is, none of those desperate sellers will ever read this post. They don’t even know that the BUYER REQUEST section is built as seller community. A user can not see any post in this section until he/she visits this site as a seller which means their posts reach the sellers only.


Thanks for the info bro !