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Tips required from experienced

Here’s my new Gig but i didn’t received any order yet please suggest some tips and tricks

Thank you!


We will do the following task to get our first order,

  1. You need to active online most time
  2. Promote your gig in social media networks
  3. Send the buyer requests (10) per day
  4. Create gig videos for attractive client
  5. Use good topics and description for gigs
  6. Use good tags, to find your gigs on Fiverr
  7. Use attractive Gigs image
  8. Above all develop your skill
  9. See the forum’s tips

Thank you


Hello, dear anniekhan55! I’m very new to SEO. So may be other people. I don’t understand what you do. You don’t have an explainer video. Maybe there are people, who need your service, but they don’t realize what you do. And so they leave.

I don’t know for sure. But that could be a possible reason. Explain your gig for those who are new to it, and who don’t speak very fluent english. Thank You

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be acive on fiverr community, sent buyer request and do gig marketing , hope you will get order soo or later. best of luck.

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Try to more active on fiverr and do some marketing you gig on social media

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Thank you for such a great tip

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Thanks to all for sharing such a great experienced tips and tricks. I’ll try my best