Tips should be counted


As cancellation is counting in overall,Then tips should be counted too.


not a bad idea , but tips is something like personal.


mutual cancellation can also be buyers problem,So why we take responsibility.If we have to then why tips aren’t counted.


What do mean when you say tips should be counted?


I think it might be if mutual cancellations are being counted in a negative way somehow, then receiving tips should be seen in a positive way? Is that what you meant @zeehadul?


How many times buyer gave you tips happily,It should be counted in overall sold.


Absolutely right boss.


Zero. I am not a seller.

I didn’t understand your statement.


I meant to say tips should be counted as a positive sign as cancellation is considered as negative.


In principle, I agree with you. Especially with the broken rating system (basically everyone receiving five stars), an additional indicator of quality would be good. I see some problems though

  1. Smaller gigs generally receive more tips than larger orders (at least, that was what was discussed before).
  2. Many sellers will ask buyers to split the order. Pay $20 now and then tip $20 once the order is done. This has 2 problems; some people will rig the system, and some people will end up ‘being scammed’ if the buyer doesn’t tip.
  3. Small issue; some cultures are more likely to tip than others.
  4. Many sellers will ask buyers to leave a tip. Buyers might be annoyed with that.


In that case tip system should be kept before accepting orders from sellers and before giving ratting.So seller won’t ask for tip for ratting and in order to splitting orders I just knew that there is a special thing,fiverr are looking those factors who are getting big order than smaller.So they won’t split orders to smaller. :slight_smile:


How can you give a tip to a seller before you see the final work? Surely a tip is supposed to be a bonus for going above and beyond the call of duty, not an expectation.

I don’t give tips, I don’t expect tips. If I buy a tin of baked beans, I’m not going to tip the checkout operator before I get them home to try them.


If a buyer leaves a tip for you then how could you refuse to accept? :smirk:


lol :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: he would say cancel tips or I will cancel the order. :stuck_out_tongue:


I accept graciously of course, but I don’t ask for or expect a tip.


I’m a girl, and, as I say, I accept tips gratefully, but do not expect them, What’s so wrong with that?


ooops.Didn’t see that coming.


Sorry for fun mam.It was just fun.


I think we may be having problems with the differences between the words accept and expect

I will be happy to accept a gift for my birthday.
I expect to be paid at the end of the month.

Hope this helps!


No problem, no offence taken!