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Tips-Tips-Tips, Please No More TIPS, Especially from NEWBIES


I don’t know what is going on with people, Everyone gives tips these days. It is like 16 year old speaking about life like 80 year old person. Please first achieve things and if you want to motivate people give 'em proof otherwise don’t even bother to type, none has time to read your bulsh*t.

There is no tip to be successful. Success is in your hands. If you’re smart that brings money for you. Instead, work and work and work. No matter what don’t give up. There is no numbering system in success. Don’t even bother to read posts like “5 tips to success” or blah blah blah. They are just marketing oriented posts.

I’ve seen some really cool posts with coolest tips that I could apply to my own business and 90% of other posts are simply bulsh*t.


It is bizarre that there are over 10,000 “tips” for sellers.
It’s likely that in all of those posts there are possibly 50 useful tips for selling on Fiverr. The rest of the tips are generalizations and repeated statements like “write a good title”, “use buyer requests” etc. So obvious that if people don’t do those anyway then they should probably reconsider being a seller.


Very true. It is amazing that so many non rated or level 1 sellers are giving tips for how to become a Top Rated Seller. If they know the way to become one, why aren’t they one yet?


Helloings my friend! I have many great tip for you!


Yeah, I think those tips can be found on Academy as well. In fact I’ve learnt many things there. People should really spare sometime to visit Academy.


Your tip is always welcome…


Yeah, there are alot of examples like : Infants teaching adults how to speak, walk or etc. It just takes little of common sense and that is it. I was also newbie and level 1 and shared my own tips to get sales. But never gave a tip for Level 2 or TRS.


How can we stop them to post on forum…the idiots who do that will totally ignore your post and start copy pasting the same post again…

All we can do is to just ignore them and try not to give them any views or comment…just ignore them totally. may that can make them understand that posting tips which is just a copy and paste will not help them in any way…


Ah, lol. You had me wondering why someone would be against some extra bit of money - I just got tipped for a logo design I did, you see. ;D


This guy gets it. Applause for this gentleman.


LOL :slight_smile: You made my day( evening to be pressie )