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Tips to avoid copyright infringement(Graphic Design)


In this post I’d like to advise buyers on how to determine if the product is not breaking any law.

In the past I worked with many graphic designers on various projects, most of the times I ended up redoing them on my own. Why? Because there are some designer claim that they can do everything. But the results they generate would involve so many copyrighted materials (Stock Images/Vectors, Premium fonts, CC with attribution licensed Images/Vectors without proper attribution, Pirated mock-ups and so on).

So the next time you get something designed and if they use some images, illustrations, vectors, ask for a screenshot of license if you really think it is from stock. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Follow these steps:

  • Take a clear screenshot of the image/vector.
  • Go to reverse image search websites(google,tineye)
  • Upload the screenshot you’ve taken and search
  • If the results show stock websites then ask for a license from your seller.

How to determine if your Designer used unlicensed premium fonts.(Trust me sometimes they cost in average of 50$ per weight of the font).

If you’ve received the file in PDF(ebooks, presentations, lead magnets and so on)

-Open it in PDF viewer and go to properties->Fonts.

  • Write down/remember the font name and just google. Go through 1-2 websites and if they are listed in premium section then your designer doesn’t have permission to use and embed it unless he/she has license but still you will also need to purchase it to distribute the files e.g ebooks, PDFs and etc.

Recently I’ve worked on a flyer project and before me someone worked on this and he used 7 premium font weights and I asked the client if she wanted to pay for the font 568$ and the answer was obvious. Who pays that much for a font unless they run big companies.

Please appreciate hard working designers’ jobs, if you really want value for money. Everything cannot be done in $5!

Nothing in that field can be done for $5,- in a professional way. Absolutely nothing.

That’s why i’ve never got an idea of developing logo for $4. To design a proper logo, it will take me at least a week of hard work and thinking. If I ever offered a logo here, I’d only make 16$ a month on fiverr.

All those gigs are for hobby purposes. Just like the ‘professional’ Photoshop gigs.
I of a photo studio and were doing high end retouching (I’m into bigger projects now). I would never offer it here on Fiverr.
People don’t realize what kind of works goes into it. They come with a snap shot from a smartphone and think that it is possible to let it look as it where shot on a frigging Hasselblad.
Photoshop is never an afterthought. One has to think about post processing prior to the shoot. If one wants his photo’s to look like a Gucci advertisement it has to been shot like a Gucci advertisement in the first place.
This is why I always have to laugh when I see all this fools with their ‘professional’ skills offered for $5,-. I wouldn’t even pick up my pen tablet for that amount or even start the program.

I absolutely appreciate that you really understand the process and efforts which need to put for simple retouching.
Retouching is also an art, all the software and hardware costs alot. So it is tough to stand in the competition where people offer an amateur job with cracked software versions.

Some buyers might think, why would i pay for a source file since the seller can just upload the file and that’s it. But in reality that’s wrong…This is the best way to pay off our monthly subscriptions by charging for source files.

I don’t get orders crazily, But I am happy most of my clients are very professional. They don’t bother to bargain with me.

And yeah, the main post was created after doing an extensive research in market. Too much of infringing. Seller themselves don’t even realize the fact it would get them in legal trouble. Just $5 and things would go very wrong.

I encourage buyers to improve their expectations on the basis of the money they are investing. Because the buyers request is full of " I want moon in $5" requests with 30+ bids on them.

Yes, there is a lot to think of. We didn’t even started talking about model releases (what determines the scope how an image is allowed to use). In my studio, I didn’t even turn on my camera before the model had signed a release.

The funny part on the buyer side here in Fiverr is that they really don’t realize in what danger they bring themselves. I witnessed in the past that one, who used one single unlicensed image on his website was sued for $500,- a day that the image was online on his site.

99,9% of all the Photoshop gigs here on Fiverr are infringing copyrights and portrait rights right from the start. They use for example an image from Brad Pitt or any other celeb to promote their gig. They are so stupid that they don’t even realize that

  1. They infringe the copyright of the person who shot the image
  2. Even if they would have taken the image themselves, they are infringing the portrait right of that celeb. I don’t believe that they have a model release signed by Brad Pitt in order to use their portrait for the purpose of endorsement for their gig.

However, I think that people who are that dumb and doing things like that deserve to suffer once shit hits the fan.