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Tips to boost direct orders

Hi guys, I’m new on Fiverr. Joined in mid February. So far I have completed 10 orders and made $200. Around 8 of these orders were from buyers request. Any tips on how to boosts direct orders and increase my monthly earning.



optimize your gigs, look at your top competitors and look at how their gigs are, how their images and copywriting look, their offer, etc. Then optimize your gigs to be competitive. And also you need to rank on page 1 for your main keyword, promote your gigs on social media to get more impressions and hopefully some orders, which will improve your ranks… Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. My impressions, views and social media clicks are doing pretty well, but naturally decreasing by the day. I have no idea how to rank on page 1. I think it’ll take some time, it’s just been 28 days yet.

Check this out: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr

Congratulations! Some sellers take months to get their first order.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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to rank you must get sales and reviews, to get sales you must advertise your gigs to get more impressions, to get more impressions and clicks you must have a good offer and pricing. Everything is connected, but all those aspects are very important.


You guys are getting orders from buyer request!!! Share some tips please.

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