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Tips to Communicate Effectively With Buyer

This is for “What to do when the buyer contacts you in inbox?”, so if you don’t want to know, you’re allowed to skip.

Ask for their budget (if they didn’t specify it)

This is a good question to start the conversation up “I can get this done for you, Please let me know your budget.”

Usually clients do have a budget specified in their Buyer Request, don’t think that you cannot add more price than the specified budget. I have sent $50 buyer requests to buyers who have a budget of $5 specified, and got hired.

As long as you are confident that what you’re providing is worth purchasing – you can charge the amount you think your skills deserve.

Show some sample work

You can give them a taste of how you work. Do this by creating a quick sample related to what they need, if possible. If the task is bigger, then show them some old work but do this only if they ask you to.

Show them a demo of what you can do if you don’t have previous work.

Or there’s just a common excuse:

“I’d like to show you but every client has different requirements. I have always worked according to the buyer’s requirements.”

Prove them you know what you’re doing

Do this by using the terms related to your expertise. For example if you give them suggestions about which plugins would be better for their website (if you’re a WordPress Developer) they’ll trust you more and know that you’re an expert.

After all you will always hire someone who you think is good at what they do, won’t you?


You can do $5 or $10 less to get the job though, if the buyer demands to. But this doesn’t always work like this, if you think the task is something that needs around $50 then take the exact amount and explain the buyer that it’s not an easy task.

Note that, when you’re a beginner (a New seller) don’t hesitate in even doing a $50 job in $5. You need to build up your profile with positive reviews so you have to go hard as much as you can to get it .

Final Words

I do think it’s important to make your English skills sharper if you want to succeed as a Freelancer and that can be done along the way. Now these are a lot of strategies but let me tell you that the time you should take in doing one proposal should be minimum 5 minutes.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the topic:

Buyer is rude, what to do?

Report to Fiverr. The button is right there with every message of the buyer.

I created a Fiverr Gig but No Buyer Requests are showing?

There’s like million people asking this question so let me clear the confusion for once. So there could be two things why this is happening:

  1. You are a New Seller & to Fiverr doesn’t shows requests to new sellers all the time.
  2. Your Gig is probably a low category gig (it isn’t that much “famous” on Fiverr and there’s no much work for it) or the Gig isn’t created the correct way somehow (very less possibility of this one though).

The main reason is the first one in my opinion and here’s what you need to do: reload the page several times a day and at a specific time you will see the requests are appearing for you, note the time down. Check buyer requests daily at that time and the requests will appear usually.

In my country, for me they used to appear at 11AM, 2PM, 6-8PM. But this can differ with location – and whatsever Fiverr has made it. You need to struggle with this.

I think it’s pretty much clear why no buyer requests are appearing for you. It’s not just you.

Why there are only 10 requests per day?

I’m not sure about this one, probably because they want only the ones who work hard with this thing to succeed on the marketplace.

Here’s a question from me too which I’d like to ask you:

Why are some of all posting for “Give me new WORK” type of stuff in the buyer requests?

You think that would work out? Absolutely not. Only hungry sellers are looking what’s into the buyer requests. None of the buyers do that probably. Bigger sellers don’t even look at them any longer. No one will hire you there so try bidding on proposals instead of writing a buyer request.

Please check this GIG :