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Tips to Get Answers Faster


Due to our launch of the new Fiverr, there has been an increase in the number of support tickets and therefore, the Customer Support team has noticed an increase in response time. In order to make sure that you get the quickest possible answer here are some tips to get the answers you need faster.

  1. The Answers are at Your Fingertips - If you are looking to get your questions answered, look no further than the Knowledge Base or Fiverr Forum. Here we have a wide variety of questions already answered for quick reference. If you still can't find the answer you need, no problem. Feel free to open a support ticket.

  2. Use the New Resolution Center - While submitting a Customer Support request, we want to make sure that all of the needed information to assist you is in your original request. If you haven't already used the new Resolution Center (located at the top of your order page), please choose the most relevant subject, and supply the order number and any details you would think would help out with your request.

  3. One Ticket - Please remember, one ticket will suffice. We promise to get back in touch once you submit a ticket. Your experience with the Fiverr website is very important to us at HQ and we are working hard to respond as quickly as possible. If you suspect your ticket did not make it, check its status by logging in here and clicking "Check your existing requests".You can also add any new issues to an existing ticket by clicking the same link and continuing to the current ticket conversation. There you can track your issues as well as our responses. All of your concerns wrapped up in one tidy support request. Also, if you received an email regarding your request with a Ticket number, then we know that your request is in queue.

  4. Mutual Cancellations - Mutual cancellations can be done without Customer Support via the Resolution Center. If you are a buyer and the order is waiting for you to reply to their instructions, you can choose the Resolution Center option of “This isn’t what I wanted”. If the order is already active, the Seller can use the “I’m having trouble completing this order” to start the cancellation process.

    For details about using the Resolution Center, please watch this:

All of this said, the most important thing for our team is you – our community.

The highest priority is to answer your concerns. We are taking several measures to improve response time and continue to handle your requests in a timely manner. Thank you for the patience and understanding while we tweak to make things run that much better for you.


We are placing orders, but they are not showing anywhere…I have paypal proof…i need my money or my order…!


Thanks for the post, but it is kind of funny that you didn’t anticipate that exposing such a drastic change, with virtually no communication to your users other than “Fiverr…reinvented!” would trigger such a negative response.

So many things “taken away”…a step backward in many aspects…so much more work for buyers to find a gig…never mind completely freaking out all our poor sellers whose orders stopped with no notice…and so many apparent “bugs”…and you didn’t plan for a support “nightmare” EITHER?? Mind-boggling.

One of the absolute worst roll-outs in the history of the web. Botched from virtually every aspect from design (bloated white space that moved from single space to double space), huge useless graphics, way more clicks to find a gig, more pages to be opened, search that doesn’t work well at all…oops, saved collections gone and then oops, they are back…

Clearly a complete lack of strategic design, segmentation of your specific customers and what they all needed, a comprehensive list of changes/updates/improvements/losses, extensive pre-testing and feedback from important users…and on and on. Would make a great business school case study of what NOT to do.

Change is good. Can be good. Your users could have been prepped with information and making sure that negatives would be addressed. There are some good things you added, but you get little credit because of the havoc you caused.

I can’t help but picture now that fiverr is being run by a bunch of teenagers who just want to have some fun with “cool” graphics and adding some needed analytics but don’t know how to run and grow a business. Very disappointing to see the negative effects on the brand. Sorry to be negative but you can’t run a business like this.


Thanks Kevin,

I’m sure things will sort themselves out soon.

Does anyone else see their little green notification icon constantly blinking?

I’ve been looking to see if I missed any messages or orders. It looks to me like i got them all but that little fella keeps on blinking and blinking… :-/


Reply to @gailf: +1 like!

gailf said: Botched from virtually every aspect from design (bloated white space that moved from single space to double space), huge useless graphics...

He who owns the most pixels wins!


How ironic. Fiverr expects forgiveness for their shortcomings but expects their users to execute flawlessly or suffer the consequences.


Thanks for sharing this post :)>-


Sorry @kevinwil, but why Fiverr decided to go live with this really buggy platform?

During beta period (I had only some day, 'cause was not included in early stage) I reported some severe problem (and some not so severe and some proposal too) that was not solved in any way!!

If you use beta-testers and they report severe problem, you must’n go live, period!

In the last two days I submitted (again) some severe bug that prevents me from working correctly and that can lead me to problems and now I read that your Customer Support is overwhelmed… well, not a surprise, honestly; Customer Support is doing a great job (they’re great, really and I thank everyone!!) but cannot face problems that development team had to solve before going live.

I always thought that Fiverr is really in touch with users… but if you’re in touch and don’t listen…

Come on, I want to be positive: listen to our requests, solve the bugs as soon as possible and this community will be wonderful again!! :slight_smile:


Kevin, i followed all of yours instruction but still i am not getting fast response even i am level 2 seller getting responses after 24 hours!


Worst Customer Service ever. You guys should really work on this aspect if you want tp prevent users from leaving fiverr to its competitors. I have waited over 30 days and still no one from fiverr has helped me with another account. Also with the new fiverr images are not updating when i put a new picture.


Reply to @gbugmenot101: there are people having answers after one week!! So 24 hours is pretty good, believe me :slight_smile:


People are too frustrated, which is why you are overwhelmed with support tickets, should be expected with the way you guys let out a beta version that shouldn’t have passed it’s beta stage until it was ready. Like trying to get a newborn to drive a car right out of the womb!


Reply to @dtongsports: True. Only a handful of sellers are happy with V2 (the ones that are getting sales because they were lucky enough to be on top of their categories).

Come on Fiverr. You are doing things wrong! You release an unstable version of the site and then you are overwhelmed with the amount of tickets you are getting. That was so easy to predict!


I am out of option, but to ask for help here ask no email sent to me either I withdrew my balance, tried to sign up for helpdesk!

Please, kindly help check my account name: gofree

I tried checking my spam box too, but nothing there sent from fiverr as before.


Just undo V2 and we’ll forget this whole debacle ever happened. It is quite obvious that you’re spending more resources on spinning facts, lying and covering up of bugs than actual improvements.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I rate your delivery of V2 “negative”! Immensely negative!

A company that can’t even implement basic gig-sorting right in 2013… ridiculous!


negative rate …block v2 please


I am a level 2 seller. I am not able to withdraw my revenue. I have already created a support ticket #396310. Please someone assist me…


All sellers do whatever they want to buyers… technical support need to make rules to verify real and honest sellers. I bought more than 15 gigs, and only 3 really work, and what can I do?, NOTHING!.


hi dear,

can you please let me know how can i get more order, my gigs become slow down cause my gig’s position is soo downer, can you please give me a tips how can i my gig position can be upper.