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Tips to get first orders on gigs?

I recently just joined Fiverr again with this new account. I’m an animator and illustrator. I never really had much success with Fiverr years before, but I decided to start fresh and try again.

I’ve shared my gigs on my social media platforms. Are there other ways for my gigs to get noticed
for me to eventually get my first order???

How do I keep engagement on my gigs?


SEO-fy your gigs, share the links across social media platforms, keep the price affordable, be prompt with your responses & throw it some free/promotional stuff if necessary. Go out there and Shine…All the Best Rhona wishing you a whole lot of success.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll definitely keep my prices reasonable, that’s for sure. I’m trying my best to gain my first order! :blush:

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Great.Welcome to the fiverr family.Keep active in this forum and always read older articles. you can get clear idea how it working.
Thank you😇

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Thank you for the tip! I’ll try to do just that :v:

Your Gigs are looking awesome… I definitely recommend others to buy your gigs… We will in touch… happy freelancing…


Thanks so much! I really appreciate that :blush: :blush: :blush:

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