Tips: to get sales after creating your gig, by promoting


Creating a gig is not the end. I think many things must be done after you have created your gigs to get sales.

Or your gig will end up lying for months without getting any order.

So you must always promote your gig after you have created it.

You don’t know how to promote your gigs…Here are the tips that will help you in promoting your gigs.

The first thing that you should do is post your gigs in social media such as Facebook, twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers. You can also create a Facebook page and get people to know what you are offering.

You should post what you offer and link it directly to your fiverr gigs and your fiverr profile page.

You can also post on forums to promote your gigs.

Like you can post here below and promote your gigs.

you’ll need to post a description of what you offer and a link to your gig in relevant locations.

Hope this will be very helpful.



reply to @kjblynx Thank you.


Reply to @riyanairtel: There are many other social media such as LinkedIn, instagram, Pinn, etc. Try promoting there. It will help you.


Reply to @danish82: Can you give some form Site?

I’ll promote my gig social media such as Facebook,twiter,

Than i get orders?


Check out my gigs


The real problem is getting some serious traffic to your social media pages. How hard you might try, I think that the visitors to your pages might just be a coincidence.

My recommendation? Communicate with other expert sellers, Level 2 sellers or even buyers. That will probably bring some traffic from their social media pages, etc.

Can anybody give me advice on my gigs?


But just creating a gig and waiting wont help…promoting is also important.