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Tips To Get Your First Order on Fiverr And Tips to send a proper Buyer Request

Hello Everyone, I am just sharing some tips to get First order

  1. Stay Online for Maximum Time
  2. If you are Asian, try to stay online in the time zone of Europe/UK time zone.
  3. Do you send buyer request daily? if you do that’s perfect but if you don’t start sending buyer request right now
  4. Try to visit Fiverr Forum it will help you a lot in all matters on Fiverr.

Tips To Send a buyer request:

  1. Read the buyer request completely
  2. Send the request if you are 100 per cent sure that you can do what the buyer is asking for
  3. Try to understand what the buyer is looking for
  4. Reach Him ASAP
  5. Don’t hesitate in sending a buyer request
  6. Send the request confidentially
  7. Send the Buyer Req in a professional way
  8. Let him know how you will do his work
  9. How much time it will take to finish it
  10. Tell the buyer that you will work for him/her till their satisfaction
  11. Re-Read Your buyer request before sending a request
  12. Ask the buyer to contact you to have a deal

Thanks, Fiverr community let me know if any of you need my help
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Your information is valuable for other sellers


thanks :slight_smile: let me know if you need my help in future kindly visit my gigs and provide me with some suggestions to improve them

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Thanks for your wonderful article, it will help me a lot to get an order.

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my pleasure share this article link with others so they can also get some useful tips Thanks

Share this article link with others so they can also get some useful tips Thanks

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Thanks to share this with us. Especially it’s very useful tricks for a new seller. Most of the time we think negatively when we didn’t get any work from Fiverr. so we have to more patient and dedicated for work on Fiverr.

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exactly you have to be patient and god will help you

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