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Tips to improve gigs

Hello, good afternoon everyone. It’s a really pleasure to work on this platform. I am delivering quality content to every client and they are very happy with it.

But from the last few weeks, my gig raking has vanished. It is showing on the last page.
Please, can someone help me with that?

Here are my gig links:



How many year ,your working in fiverr ? friend you already have lot of order :heart_eyes:

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What happened here, with the last topic?

I still did not receive an answer.

You have 10-20 orders in queue. You have orders. You have income. Your GIGs are selling.

100000 sellers on Fiverr right now have 0 orders zero income zero money.

What is it that you need?

You want to have all the orders for your self, all the money and be on top page?

What help do you need?

You want Fiverr to erase all other sellers and just support you?

You want Fiverr to just have you as seller?

What is it that you want?

If Fiverr only kept same persons on front page, it would be pointless for new sellers to apply.

Your GIGs are selling so Fiverr put someone else in front row to help him.


Its been around 3 years.

your right i think :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I want to improve. I respect your thoughts. But my gigs were on 1st page and suddenly went on last page. Everyone will go in the shock after watching this. I am doing good job and my gig is not ranking that’s my problem.

And you told i have orders, mostly are from new old client not from new one.

I hope you can understand me.

Yes, but you need to understand and how come you do not understand if you have been working on Fiverr for 3 years that if you are always on top no one else gets a chance. Fiverr rotates the GIGs. This is your time to be on the bottom. In the future you will be in the middle or on top, it is how it is. It is clearly described in TOS.

You can’t improve since it is not up to you to decide. Nothing that you do will remove you from the last page. Nothing.

It is your time to be on the last page. Before you someone else was there too. It is how it works.


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