Tips to improve my gig


I had this account and i got ordered 4 to 5 times on my gigs but due to my studies i left fiverr for a while now i again started my account but i am confusing as i am not getting anymore orders on my gigs i want to improve my gigs .


You’re going to have to wait a bit for it to gather more traction since you’re back in the community. Make sure all your text and pictures are up-to-date. Send buyer requests and reply to any messages that come quickly and professionally.


@mabelma How many buyers requests i have ??? it shows 10 for today… means i will get 10 requests for every day ??

  • Did you make all your logos yourself? If you used templates that’s fine, but then you need to mention it in your gig description.
  • Why don’t you write a better gig description? One of your gigs has just 1 sentence. If you don’t care enough to write more than 1 sentence then how can a buyer be sure that you spend more than 5 minutes on a logo design?
  • Your profile info is too confusing. Are you a developer or a designer? Why don’t you just focus on one of them? Someone buying a logo from you might not even know what C# is?
  • Don’t offer unlimited revisions. This is something that newbies without skills often do thinking buyers love to waste their time with countless revisions.
  • Your portfolio is way too confusing. Create a separate gig for each logo style or purpose. If a buyer is looking for a logo then here’s what Fiverr will ask from them. Try to create a gig for each category you can provide.
    – For example, if a buyer is looking for a flat design then you should have a gig that has ONLY flat style logos in the portfolio. Don’t mix and match trying to offer all-in-one service.


Yes, every day you can send 10 offers to buyers.