Tips to improve my gig?



I’m just wondering if anyone could give me tips/changes to improve my gig and start to actually gain buyers.



Reply to @calcommpr: Okay. I’ll carry on promoting it on social media. Thanks for the help!


It can takes weeks before somebody gets around to ordering from you. On the other hand, it could happen within the next hour. There’s no way of knowing. Fiverr’s weird like that.

The advice about offering a little extra will work well. You’ll want to get those first few sales in any way that you can. Once you have feedback, it becomes easier to get more.


I recently posted this on the tips section - try putting in a coupon offer, or something for free. I do a $5 off for messaging me before purchasing scheme and it seems to work quite well to lock in those sales that might not go through.


I like your gig. I like your work a lot. It looks much better than many of the YouTube banners on here that look like they’ve been made with Paint.

You’re new and in a competitive field, so you may have to wait a while before the orders start coming in. It should start happening for you soon though.


You have a great eye for design. You should have no problem getting orders real soon!


Reply to @sara1984: Alright, thanks for the reply! I really appreciate the kind words.


Reply to @calcommpr: Okay, thanks for the reply. I appreciate the kind words!

Do you have any rough idea how long it will take for orders to come in? I’ve had the gig up for nearly 2 days now.


Reply to @sara1984: Do you have any rough idea how long it will take for orders to come in? I’ve had the gig up for nearly 2 days now.


Also, try promoting your gig on your social media sites–Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Reply to @mrtimthewriter: Thanks for the help!


Reply to @sara1984: I really appreciate the help. Thanks.


Hi @benjdesigns, welcome to Fiverr!

First, to echo what some of our fellow Sellers have mentioned here, yes - it does take patience in the beginning. But while you’re waiting (I.e. before you start to get flooded with orders), now is a great time to make adjustments and tweak your gig!

In terms of recommendations for improvement, the one thought I have for you is that it would be great for you to show some depth and variability for what you offer. The example banners here are gorgeous and professional-looking, but they all share a common color scheme and overall aesthetic. It would be nice for Buyers to see that you’re capable of putting together different products that don’t all have the same “look.” So while you’re waiting for those first orders to start rolling in, I’d take some time to post a few more examples - perhaps featuring other color schemes or a different feel.

Hope this helps!



I really appreciate the help.

My plan was to add different designs to my Fiverr page but I’m struggling to understand where I would put them as I was only able to add 2 extra images. Do you think I should have a link to my portfolio with other designs?



Reply to @benjdesigns: It’s not ideal for someone to have a link on their Fiverr Gig page that directs people to another website. Instead of the other images that you have featured here which are redundant (i.e. the individual banners that are also shown in the first image), why not replace them with other examples?


Reply to @david388: Good point. I will make sure to replace them with other designs.

Thanks for the help!



Had any luck yet? I see you’ve gotten a lot of tips!


Hey; welcome to Fiverr. I don’t know much about the graphic design category, but I picked up a few tricks as a new seller and I wrote them down here in the forum. No upsells or self-promotion, just my experiences. Maybe it’ll help you get started? You can read it here:

As far as adding more work goes, remember that you can add two PDF files to your preview area. You can add two PDF files at 8.5x11 standard pages, full color, up to 3 pages each. You can stuff the PDF files full of your artwork and whatever else you want customers to see, just make sure you call attention to the PDF files in your gig description so people know to look there (the PDF files can be easy to miss.)

Good luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @jamesbulls: Extremely detailed help.



Reply to @mrtimthewriter: Still in the process of using these all these tips but no orders so far.