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Tips to improve my new gig?

Hello! I started a gig based on my passion for making pixel art and wanted to see how I can make my way to my first order, does anyone have any major tips that I may not be doing on my gig yet that will help me get there?


Hello there,
I went and checked your gigs, but personally I didn’t find anything wrong with it.
However I got curious and typed in “pixel art” in search and I saw a good number of them, and the popular sellers had REALLY detailed images that got my attention right away.

I like your simple and cute style, but I get the feeling it’s not enough to get the
buyer’s attention. Maybe try creating a detailed image and use that as your sample, that might attract buyers??
I’m not sure if this is going to work but if you have friends in the gaming community you can try asking them to help you promote you as well.


Yeah I would agree, I also did see those kind of gigs and those caught my eye, I want to improve in making art so I will try more detailed art to see what I can do, thank you, I appreciate it :)!

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