Tips to improve your Fiver Earning


Started using Fiverr as a buyers and recognising my key strength areas in the writing, editing and reviewing, I started selling my gigs for these services and I have been able to do a good business on Fiver. You can visit my Fiver. I have good relations with many Fiver buyers and sellers. Now I am going to share with you some tips that will help you get best out of Fiver.

Tip 1: Fiverr power for branding

Take advantage of the fiverr power and brand your gigs (if possible) with the fiverr logo and your fiverr URL.

NEVER forget to add/mention my fiverr URL:

Tip 2: Smart responses to your reviews

Write responses to what ever be the query.

Tip 3: Use Gigs

Use gigs to provide services that you are good at.

Tip 4: Features of fiverr

Use features of extra when you reach level 2.

Tip 7: Always mention your fiverr URL

Mention your Fiver Url when required like


Shashikant Nishant Sharma


What happened to tips #5 and #6 snsharma? :-/


Reply to @magellon: There are many more but what suits us most is mentioned above.




Note to self: Never write guide saying “improve your earning” unless I reach “Top Seller” status.



While it could be a second account. It is amusing to see that cow, isn’t it?