Tips to increase Fiverr Gigs Sales


Share your Gigs on social media and increase your exposure. More exposure means more sales for you. So always use promotion as a way to get more people to know about your online service. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, stumble upon and YouTube to get free marketing of your Fiverr gig.
The combination of quality and quantity always works for any online business. Increase the quantity of your gigs while maintaining their quality.
When you are describing your service try to write a professional description and don’t just copy and paste from other sources as everybody knows copied content when they see one and your gig will not rank in natural search results. Ranking in search results can give you a significant increase in your sales from organic traffic coming to your gig.


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So, from a 1.200 reviews backing my wide girlish shoulders against your 25, tell me why someone who can get traffic outside Fiverr would be willing to send them here and pay 20% fees when you can direct them to your own webpage/blog/business and get 100% of the winnings?


Sir not every one have those skills to get direct order from there blogs/sites they have to take someones help!!