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Tips to Increase Gigs impression

Hi guys
How can I improve my gigs impression?? Does posting in forum help??

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No, participating on the forum does not improve your visibility in the search results. The forum is just a forum. It is nothing more than a place to interact with other buyers and sellers.

You can do nothing to improve impressions. Impressions are an on-site statistic that are registered when someone else searches for your keywords, and your gig shows up in the results. Impressions are, therefore, completely controlled by buyers and visitors within the search results.


Then to rank for the search results related to my gig? Is it about the level of seller you’re?

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There is no such thing as “rank” within the search results. Your gig will show up – and move around – within the search results based upon a wide variety of factors. Fiverr does not guarantee that your gig will show up in the search results, or that it will appear up where you want it to appear.


All i could say is “JUST DO YOUR BEST (creating professional gigs, good profile, and a superb proposal for your prospective buyers in the BR sections)” and let fiverr handles the rest.

Don’t forget to utilize the social media networks you’ve got to boost sales.