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Tips to Increase Your Fiverr Sales

Increase Your Fiverr Sales

1. Offer Something Unique

There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr, and there are a lot of variations on the same concepts over and over.

2. Offer Surprising Value

Fiverr gigs start at $5, with extras that allow you to make more money out of each customer. Most of the time, these upsells are how you’re going to make a good return on your investment. However, you shouldn’t gate all of your quality behind these upsells.

3. Offer Upsells and Extras

A huge amount of the value people get out of Fiverr comes from upsells , even when the site is presumably based around the $5 transaction. With upsells you might end up making $30 or $50 or more per sale, rather than just $5. Ideally, upsells will be targeted at specific users, not just general add-ons people would need.

4. Solicit Excellent Feedback

On any site where sellers compete with each other to attract buyers, feedback becomes essential. Two sellers with the same service, one with 70% positive feedback and one with 95% positive, the 95% positive will most likely win the sales . This has a snowball effect, because the more sales you make, the higher the volume of positive feedback you can get.

5. Offer a Guarantee

When you offer a money-back guarantee , you’re offering to cancel transactions if a user isn’t satisfied. The user doesn’t need to pay, and since the transaction is cancelled, any negative feedback they left is removed.

6. Keep Your Title Short

The shorter a gig title is, the easier it is to understand and parse immediately. It’s also important because Fiverr is a very space-premium site. Gig displays, particularly locations on the front page, don’t have a ton of space to view the details of a gig. You get a limited number of characters, and you need to make the most out of them.

7. Write a Very Detailed Description

Unfortunately, Fiverr limits your descriptions to a mere 1200 characters. This is really, really not much space. Depending on how verbose you are, that’s 200-250 words. This means you have to strive for concise clarity in your descriptions as much as possible. In some ways, it’s the exact opposite of most web writing. You can use formatting to make things cleaner to look at, though.


Keep in mind that review solicitation is not allowed by ToS.

Keep in mind this “feature” may attract bad guys to get service for free.


I may not have a lot of sells on Fiverr yet, but please keep in mind I was doing commission outside of Fiverr before joining the site.

For number 2 and 3, this for me made me lose sales on Fiverr and in the past. Clients were attracted by the low prices, but when I would tell them that what they wanted would cost them extra, they would just ghost me. Now, I have the opposite approach I include all the extras in my base price and lower my prices if they don’t want the extra.

For example: If the background would cost 20$ extra, I include it in the base price. If the Buyer tell me they don’t need a background, then I lower the price by 20$. It’s purely psychological, as It exactly the same price I would have charged. But because the Buyer sees the price go down, instead of going up, they have the feeling they are getting a bargain instead of being ripped off. And if they do want the background, well the price just stay the same, in other words they are paying for an extra without knowing it. So again they don’t see the price going up, so i doesn’t scare them away. It also seem to have a positive impact on the clients “mood”, they seem to have a way better attitude towards me when I do that.

After lurking as a buyer and looking at some reviews, I’ve seen a couple of bad reviews left by clients who felt ripped off, because they were charged extras by the seller. By doing what I’m doing you kind of avoid that risk.

Now, there is exceptions when I do have to upgrade the prices, but overall things seems to be going better for me since I’ve been doing that. This is my personal experience, maybe it doesn’t work for every body. Maybe, I’m totally wrong and all of this is just a coincidence. So don’t take it as the absolute truth.


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