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Tips to increase your Gig Rank in Fiverr Search Results

Here are some proven-to-work tips that will help you boost your gig rank on Fiverr. Whether you are a newbie or an old timer, these tips will be helpful.

The tips will be listed in the same order of creating a gig:

Gig Title
Make sure to include Keywords in the gig title itself, this is very important

The best way to know the keywords that actually work is by searching Fiverr using a single keyword you know works, then copying Fiverr’s “suggested keywords” under the search box. These are the most commonly used keywords.
In addition, try to guess what buyers actually write. For example, use both “Powerpoint” and “Power point” as keywords (with and without space) for your Powerpoint gig, since buyers tend to use booth.

Use the common keywords in your package(s) title and description. This will increase your rank in search engine results (like google). Make sure to be clear in describing what you offer in your gig, to convince those who click on your gig to purchase it (this will increase your conversion rate, which in turn increases your gig rank).

Use the most commonly keywords in this part too. Don’t write this non-sense phrase “contact me before placing your order”, because it will simply decrease your chances of making new orders. Be clear and concise, and try to use good English.

Gig Gallery
A gig video is very important! Who doesn’t have a smart phone with a camera these day? Take out your smartphone, and create a video of yourself describing your gig. You don’t even need to do it in English if you can’t speak English fluently; just do it in your native language and have it subtitled in English for just $5.
Use to design a professional promotional gig photo, and add it to your gig video to make it the video’s thumbnail later on.

Stay Online
The more you are online, the higher your gig ranking becomes. Try to visit Fiverr as much as you can even if you have no new orders or messages; this will prove to the system that you are a responsive seller.

Reply Quickly
Based on the experiences of some of my friends on Fiverr, if you are a newbie replying to the first 3 messages you get from potential buyers within 1 hour, then you are nearly guaranteed to get a higher rank and better exposure on Fiverr.

This should sum it all up :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.Very important tips.


@mhc_rafe it really helpful.


thanks so much its really helpfull :smiley:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Really really helpful thanks a lot!
can you tell me, please how can I will be online all the time while I’m not sleeping?
Thank you!

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You can try to be online for as long as possible, but of course not while you are asleep :sweat_smile:


Hahaha :sweat_smile:
I do but after 5 minutes it shows me offline :cold_sweat:

Thank you very much. I will use all the techniques and tricks you mentioned in my next fiver gig.

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This is another “poor” tips variation available on Forum.

How do you know this? Are you an insider?

You say, you don´t even need to speak english, just do whatever/however and it will work? Oh maaan, c´mon.

Again, can you show us some sort of evidence for such a claim?

How can you? How can you suggest a personal tip based on experience of others and not yours?

The only thing you achieved by posting your tips is spreading of unuseful information that will spread further again. Sorry for you.


I don’t know what your objections are based on!

(1) This is just trial and error for my own services, plus I find sellers using these keywords ranking higher on search Enginges.

(2) I said “Fluently”. This means, don’t let your non-expert level English speaking skills get in the way. Fiverr states that, " gig videos increase exposure by 40%". It’s mentioned there on the gallery tab of each order.

(3) Again, this is simply my personal experience and using my best guess. When I’m back from vacation mode for example, the more I spend online, the more orders I get. It doesn’t has to be 100% correct, the same as you aren’t forced to follow the advice.
Another reason why I suggest spending more time online, is to benefit from “show online sellers” search filter, which will ensure you are most likely going to be among the top search results if you’re online when a client is looking for a currently online seller.

(4) I clearly stated that this is based on my friends’ experience as well, so no surprise!

The only thing you managed to do here is criticizing me for trying to help new sellers, for no clear reason.


Yes, I need to speak up when I see tips like yours.

Based on nothing, no proof, just empty words. I am wise enough to know that people may like it better than my cricisim, because it is much easier.

Humans are naturally lazy, so why to bother thinking what other people say, they obvoisly must be right…

Don´t take my writing personally, it is my opinion of course. You´ve got yours and that´s fine here on Forum.


You have been a Fiverr seller for less than a year now, right? I have been here for around 7 years now. May be you should pause criticizing a bit and start learning.

Anyway, I appreciate you sharing your opinions, even though I think they are misleading and are actually based on nearly no experience.

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Well, your title says “Tips to increase your Gig Rank in Fiverr Search Results” which means that you are already in the search results and the tips mentioned are to increase your gig rank? (as per my understanding) So, any tips to get your gig in just the “Fiverr Search Results” ?

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And how is it possible for a gig to appear twice in the search results? For eg: Say on Page 1 and on Page “X”.

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It was too helpful, thank for the advice. You are so generous in sharing knowledge. I wish you luck in your freelancing career.

Best Regards,

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Your gig isn’t in the search results at all? I can see you are a successful level 2 seller, with many good reviews. I’m sad to hear that.

Try searching using keywords used on your gig. Use the “show online sellers” filter. And check if your gig is there. Hopefully, you will be able to find your gig.

If this isn’t working, then go to seller help center, under the Gig Support tab you will find a sub-tab saying “my gig disappeared from search results”. Check if it says that your gig needs further review by CS.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: All the best with your Fiverr career :pray:


Welcome, continue giving these amazing advises.


Thanks @exitooo For this incredible tips and tricks :slight_smile:

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