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Tips to Level Up


Are the levels fixed or can they be gained early or delayed based on performance?

My gig has been going well and I’ve had 100% positive feedback so far so I’ve been expecting to level up, but alas, nothing as yet.


You should reach Level 1 when you gain 10 positive feedback and have been on the site at least 30 days. Looks like you have reached both of those thresholds; I’d say leave it a few days and then contact customer support if you still haven’t been upgraded.

I’ve been on Fiverr just over 7 days and I already have 32 positive feedback, so I’m looking forward to being Level 1 when the 30 days are up, and Level 2 shortly after!


Same story for me here… More than 30 days on Fiverr with 100% positive feedbacks and more than 35 orders… But I’m not level 1 :frowning: .


If you have any mutual cancellations they wont help you at all. You’ll just have to wait… wait… wait.


Reply to @arnevb: Yes… But I have already contacted them and because I have only ONE cancel order (and bafana says it too in the comment below), they ask that I have to wait :’( .


Reply to @jimmcgovern15: It’s not 10 positive feedback. 10 orders:

Levels perquisites for Level 1: You've been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record.

If you haven't been promoted yet, drop a line to customer support to see why not :)


Thanks for all the replies guys. I have no cancellations. I’ve sent a message to support.


Reply to @doyley3731: Good man, let us know how you get on !