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Tips to make more with Gig Extras


What are your best tips for newly Leveled sellers, when it comes to setting up their Gig Extras?

  1. How did you break down your service using Gig Extras?

  2. Are any of you using the highest Gig Extra you can charge?

    If yes - for what? If no - why not?


In my case, I create ebook covers for Kindle or 2D. I create these covers in Photoshop, so I have the source file in .psd format already. When I send my customers their cover in .jpg format, I offer them an extra gig, giving them the option to get the original .psd file, so they can edit the cover in their own graphics software. Many people pick up this gig. Good luck to all Fiverr users!


Yes. Exactly I also earned lots using gig extra. But sometimes, I am facing problem when any buyer bought all gigs together because one gig extra is available with very short delivery period. After certain incidents, I changed said gig extra too with adding some more delivery time. Now all are working good.


For me it was adding Logo’s or Names to the wine holders. I would offer the wine holder with your name OR logo, but then if they wanted an name AND a logo that was a GIG extra.

I am NOT using my highest gig extra, but I have had people ask for something that requires a lot more time and work, and they paid more than the Highest gig extra. :smiley:


I have a question here regarding gig Extras.

Buyer have ordered my gig and I have delivered, she conformed as complied and now she wanted to order the gig extras. She is asking me how to order gig extras without ordering gig again?..

Please reply if you have any idea regarding this.


As per my personal experience, You will certain get good order if you are follow best quality. It is my personal experience that I got repeat order for my gigs because I have delivered more than committed with best quality. In just two words. “Quality Wins…”

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Why don’t I have the Gig Extra Option?


Reply to @buddy9700:

Not ideal, but why not set up a new gig called:

"Something you forgot to add?"

Then folks can order multiples of that.

Just an idea (or get them to order one of your “tip” gigs


Unique thoughts with quality gigs are the best way to increase your sales and credibility


I have a pretty long lead time (REALLY long in fact). I therefore charge a lot for quicker delivery. The best part is, about 75% of my orders are for speedy delivery, which means I make 3 x what I normally do for a gig.


Well, I’m a painter and I sure will do your landscape for five bucks but I found that 80% of the orders I got before getting level one were cityscapes. Those double the time I spend. So I put in a gig extra for “lots of buildings/add a character”. It’s just an extra five bucks but I’ve found that the people who commission me now are perfectly happy to upgrade to ten bucks for the additional service because they value my work and it’s worth it to them to pay me a little more for a little more work (okay, well, a lot more work).

So I guess I’d figure make your basic gig something that’s not all too bad of a deal on its own, something that stands on its own two legs, and then offer extras that just sweeten the deal, that expand your service from being bare-bones. By making it really worth it to upgrade, making people question “okay, but is it really worth it to just pay five dollars when for twenty I could get all this too”… you’ll get them.

I’ve sold nail polish in conventions in real life and I offered a deal where two for ten versus one for six and literally one person only bought one. It doesn’t take much to push people over the edge if they think it’s worth it to buy a little more. So it’s basically the same thing here. Make people think they’re getting a great deal instead of giving you more money. :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m really new here. You all have some great ideas - awesome! But my issue is, LOL, that I can;t figure out simply how to set up a gig extra. I can’t get creative with them until I know how to add them. I couldn’t find instructions in the knowledge base so I came here to search. Can anyone tell me how? Please and thank you! :wink:


For me, I broke it down by how much time it takes and then added extras accordingly.


Hi! I am very new (one week) on Fiverr and just made my first sale…

Spontaneously, I offered a great extra service to my gig and my first buyer told me it would be good to offer it as an extra gig…

As I am not a top seller and not allowed to do that… Can I just create a regular gig and relate it as just a complement of the first one…?

I hope somebody can help me! :slight_smile:

Have a nice week all! And thank you in advance!


You could do that. Once you make a level up, you will be able to add extras.




Since I’m offering SEO stuff I added some backlinks or article writing into my gig extraz


great delivering extra gigs! try it out.


All my gigs are “Express Delivery” (Deliver within 24 hours).

I make my Extras “Delivery within 6 hours”. And many buyers are willing to send more (tiny) money to get jobs done almost immediately!


@ buddy9700, in my own experience of extra gig, i deliver both to you once you order any of my gig that i have an extra for… u can see for your self how easy i deliver my extra gig