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Tips to Rank you gigs and Boost your Sales

Hey guys Graphicempire here,

I am working here for nearly 4 years, learned a lot from here plus changed my life a lot....Thanks to Fiverr for providing us such a wonderful and life changing platform...

Here i am going to show you guys some tips and tricks how i am getting non stoppable orders from the beginning.
I have also experienced some down times here on fiverr, thats damn true, but these tricks helps me a lot to recover from there. So let us start.

Facebook Promotion:
This seems an outdated trick but works very well until now. The trick is that you have to go to facebook groups, join maximum 10 groups a day related to startups, entrepreneurs, Business etc…no use for joining buy/sell groups. Then post your gig twice a week, for example post 30-40 groups a time. Don’t spam, wait 1 minute after posting on a group, it will remain on the groups and definitely get backlinks to your gig and your gig will rank well.

Youtube promotion:
For this trick you should know something about video creation or hire someone to do that job for you. Just create a professional video related to your gig, keywords are the important factor here. For that job you can use this trick. Just type your gig keyword on the youtube search box, open up the first video ie the number 1 rank video related to your gig…press ctrl ‘U’ you can see some codes on the next window, type ctrl “F”, you can see a find box there, type ‘keyword’ then. Now you can see the keywords which used on the No.1 ranked video, copy the keywords and place it your video Tags section. Do you know the use of this trick? No, right…If a viewer watch the no.1 ranked video, your video will come on the suggested video section below this video, So you will get more viewers for this video. Then you have to shorten your gig Link using google link shortener and paste it on your video description. Thats it…it will take sometime to rank your video.

Get Repeating Orders
Create a new gig, for example if you are a graphic designer and having gigs with logo creation. You just start creating flyers and brochures. You can create a gig related to that, and send message to your previous loyal customer something like this.
Hello sir, we have opened a new gig for creating brand new brochures and flyers, if you are interested please let us know, we will be happy to assist you. Thanks…something like that, this trick definitely a working one, but again, don’t spam or irritate your clients, send this to your previous loyal clients only. Otherwise they will report you for spamming.

Will share you more tips later, little bit busy with order…Thanks and God Bless You…


helpful tips and tricks


Helpful definitely helpful… I would try all of them. Thank you so much @graphicempire