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Tips to rank your gig

Hello folks, hope you all will be doing well.
Today I want to let people know that there is not any particular trick or rocket science to rank your gig on top its always comes from practice and time same like “Practice make person perfect” but there are many common factors indeed which I learnt from my little experience, following are some in point wise.

-Keep eye on your competitors and try to make your gig better than them (keep in mind Don’t copy)

-Try to Be unique

-Avoid grammatical mistakes in description and FAQ

-make new gig once in 2-3 months

-Provide quality work (Mandatory)

-Maximum Avg selling price also matter

-A good positive reviews with recommended keyword also matter like “Great A+ job highly recommended”

-Always try to rank your gig in “Relevance” section

-Daily note your gig position

-Social sharing if you have good followers

-Use most relevant tags in your gig.

-Consistency and Patience is must

-Play with your gig very slowly step wise and analysis that which one is helping to improve in ranking like update tags 1 or 2 tags and analysis, update Display image and wait for 3-6 days at least and analysis that is helping to increase your gig ranking or not if yes than leave if no than make your gig with old display and tags.(Don’t do to much editing simultaneously)

-Try to understand fiverr algorithms via your analysis and practice, they shuffle gigs many time too

-Read all fiverr terms and conditions and policies once so you will have less chance to receive any kind of warning from fiverr

Note: Ignore my bad English.