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Tips to reduce fees?

I wanted to withdraw 16$ for trying purpose and all in all, to my Visa, came around 9-10$ (without bank fees, only Fiverr and Paypal). Do you guys have any tips on reducing fees and is this normal as I am not experienced in internet payments at all?
I would really appreciate any feedback as I am about to withdraw a much bigger amount of money and I can’t even think how much I will lose.
Btw I did read TOS etc and I hardly understand anything regarding payments expect fiverr takes 20% which is cool.

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I think that topic can help you:

Fees are a natural part of doing business. If you want to make sure you aren’t losing revenue because of fees, raise your prices to account for the cost of the fees. Then, when the fees are deducted, you’ve still earned your intended revenue per order.


I understand that. But I lost 3rd of what I earned (without fiverr fee) and I didn’t really understand that those currency changes cost that much or whatever charged me that much.

On fiverr I wanted to withdraw 14 euros and when I withdrawed it on my card it was 9 euros. So I wanted to ask if there is something I had to do to don’t get so much fees.

How much approximately are fees going to be when I withdraw let’s say 200$. If it’s still gonna be third of that I won’t even withdraw it than. I’m better off paying guys on fiverr to do something for me.

If your local currency isn’t USD this might be useful: Non-US sellers currently using PayPal for withdrawal can save a lot of money from reading this!

Payoneer is the method of withdrawing directly to your bank account right?

I never used internet to earn any money so I don’t really know what kind of bank account I need.
I just went to bank and said that I needed something that would let me withdraw money from internet and that is a visa and they gave me something they call “Internet card”.

So which type of account do I need? They talked a lot about debit and foreign currency account and that confused heck out of me so I just said give me what you think is the best.

Do you not have a normal bank account? If you are an adult without a proper bank account it is definitely time to get one. Where do you keep your money, under the mattress?

Payoneer also lets you get a revenue card that let’s you spend your earnings directly or withdraw the money from a ATM. You might want to look into this.

I have a bank account for my regular salary but paypal said I need Visa or Maestro card and I went to bank to get one :laughing:

PayPal and Payoneer should support normal back transfers (but maybe this isn’t the case in less developed countries). This sounds pretty weird.

It definitely is a less developed country.
So do you have any tips or I have to carry on like this?

I don’t use payoneer so I can’t confirm that but I read somewhere on this forum that payoneer takes a big commission for a first time withdrawal and after that it’s just normal withdrawal fees.

However what you need to do is to check payoneer terms and conditions instead of just asking on a forum :wink:

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Tried to but I only managed to find Privacy&Cookies policy that talks only about where m data is stored. :wink:

Every company has terms and conditions that they make you sign before you can create your account.
Usually they have a separate link at the bottom on their website in the footer


Payoneer didn’t take any extra fees from my first withdrawal and I haven’t read about this in their “fees and limits” section.

You don’t need to reply that to me, the OP is the one who needs help.
As I said that I’m not using payoneer and it was someone on the forum who discussed it on numerous topics.
It’s no my problem so if someone is interested in looking into that they can search this forum, read and try to find that topics.

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