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Tips to Retain Customers


Hello everyone,
All of us want get customers who buy our gig for once and then disappear forever. Sometimes, even if they need the same service, they find someone else for different reasons. Let me enlist a couple of Tips that you will find useful for client retention.
1. Communication:
Your communication is the first and most important thing that develops a strong bonding between you and your client. Great communication paves the path of a long term working relationship with clients. Always respond as quickly as possible. Be polite and show respect. Listen to the customer’s requirements and understand them well before you respond. Great communication can turn angry buyers into returning ones even leave a good tip at the end of the order

2. Quality Work
The quality of your service is the main role ti retain your customers. So never compromise on it and give your BEST at the first attempt. If you show normal standard work in the first attempt, you are more likely to lose a client. Be consistent in offering quality and unique service. This will stop your buyer to try another seller’s service.

3. Awesome Support
Provide your buyers best support even after the order is completed. If you offer unlimited revisions, you have to do it. But if you offer limited revisions and your buyer needs little favor, do it for him/her. A little extra work for no cost can create a long lasting impact and more orders that will compensate this little favor.

4. Gifts
You can send you customers a special gift on his/her first order. The nature of such gifts will vary with the category you work in. Brainstorm it today! What would you like to gift your new buyers? If you work for some startups, wish your customers success. Your kind words can win a buyer’s heart.

and there are many other tips and I hope you will have one or two outstanding tips in your mind right now. Would you like to share them? :slight_smile:

What strategies do you implement to retain customers?

Looking forward to other member’s valuable thoughts on this topic.



Hi! Good Friday
yeah your mentioned point really useful and Im using all startegies I wanna add one more that is always speak true even you made any mistake in his/her project.after that 100% his/her help you to fix that issue that bounding work very long
Thank you
Have a nice day


Thank you for the tips!


Really helpful tips.


Can you imagine if every seller sent every buyer a ‘Happy New year’ message or one for any other occasion in the calendar?

What you’re suggesting is spam I’m afraid and could get your account reported or worse.

Your conversation with your buyers should stop when you hit the deliver button.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Go the extra mile, do the unexpected like complete orders early, give something small for free, etc. do what YOU would expect/want from a seller for your business - endless possibilities.


The thing is Fiverr has never taken any action against people like these. I really wish they would take some action and then they would understand what we were telling them from very long time.
But since Fiverr isn’t taking any strict action, they are keep doing it.


Sorry, I don’t agree with you because a single buyer doesn’t work with all the sellers on Fiverr. Also, not all sellers will follow these tips as no one is forced to do so. Moreover, a seller will send such messages to only buyers with whom he had great experience.


My pleasure … :slight_smile:


Well do you know that it is a violation of a Terms of Service? Whether you agree or not, it’s not our problem. It’s your account. Do whatever you like.


As few other members mentioned, this is definitely not a good advice.


This (now locked) thread might be useful for anybody thinking of keeping in touch with previous buyers.

If buyers want to keep in touch with a seller, they certainly can, but not the other way around. :wink:


Yes, you are NOT allowed to “Offer services” to your previous buyers. For examples, if you create a new gig and send its link to all of your 100+ clients in inbox. This is, of course, spam. But, saying “Happy New Year” is not offering services.
I think, a forum moderator can better clarify this difference or we should contact CS to ask them if we can send such Wishes to some of our really nice customers.


Thank A lot for advice…


No, there is no need. You need to read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.


Thanks for the tips. i actually really liked the gift idea. recently i did offer a buyer little extra service and i hope that will keep me in a good favor list.


Any form of unsolicited contact is considered spam by Fiverr in almost every case. That would include reaching out to buyers just to say “hello” or to offer holiday greetings. Some buyers might not report you for it, so it’s possible you could risk it. If one buyer did send a report you could be blocked by the buyer and given a warning from Fiverr.


@muhammadfaheem0 Now tell, are you still not agree with @merciavideo or others statements?


Thanks for clarifying it. I have edited my post now.