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Tips to share and promote your Gig?

Besides the SEO and optimization of your gig’s description and sharing on social media, I was wondering which methods worked best for you sellers?

I had been inactive for a while.

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Expert user here :wink:

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Keep promoting. I make use of twitter and pinterest. I get a lot of views but as with my current active gig, it probably won’t see any action till close to the holiday season. Some make use of blogs to direct attention to their offerings and or even the Fiverr Gigs section of the forum.

I’ve just come back from fiverr-less stint and have found a lot of things have changed. Patience and persistence is key.

I am new seller in fiver.Is SEO really make faster sale in fiverr?how does it happen?Because fiverr is not like

The best known methods for promoting your gig are SEO optimization, sharing on social, but most of all offering a unique and professional gig.

I took a look at your current available gigs and they look great. I suggest improving your average response times and trying extra hard to receive more positive ratings. Also, if you have not been receiving many orders, you may want to retouch your gig descriptions and change your tags. This way, you have the opportunity to show up in more search parameters.

You have a lot of potential but just be patient. It can take a while for your gigs to gain momentum.

Have a great weekend @wonderlander and all the best on your Fiverr journey!!

Thanks everyone.

Thank you a lot @czechyourself ; in the past there were a few customers who hadn’t left a review and now I ask all my customers to leave one. The reason my rating is not as good as it should was mainly due to a period where I failed to deliver a couple of orders in time. I also had an issue with a very bad customer but that’s a story for another day.

Have a great weekend as well! All the best.

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