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Tips to turn a prospect buyer into a Returning Buyer

As Branding is important to Product advertising as well as marketing, so it is to Writer or seller on Fiver. Defining yourself “Your presentation” in what you do is also essential.
How do you present yourself to your buyers via communication?
When a buyer contact you and ask you for a quote, Do you go ahead to give the quote? To some buyer, they see you are a desperate cheap writer/seller who is after making money from providing poor service. When a buyer contacts you, try and create a deep connection by asking a question with respect to the buyer request. Creating a rapport with the buyer give the buyer a little confident that you know what you are doing. Try and turn the thoughts of your clients into action by a bespoke reply as per client’s requirement. Another good thing about creating a good rapport with your buyer is that, it helps to buy more time if you are not able to get the job done at the agreed time.
Successful Presentation strategy is sometimes based on the concept of uniqueness. What gives you an edge over from the massive seller group?
Marketing your gig as a writer/seller on Fiverr implies that you have to advertise your skills and talents. However, not too many writers do that in terms of communication with their buyers.

TIPS: Turn your Buyer into a returning Buyer.
Keep a good rapports flowing from the initial contact.
Guarantee a High-Quality work
Deliver a High-Quality Work
Be prompt and Accurate “Turnaround time”

Start branding yourself right now!

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awesome suggestion… I recently started doing this and my sells are boosted up.

All very good advice. I’m surprised many don’t already and intuitively know this. Nevertheless, very valid points.


Excellent! I think it will help me as a graphics designer to boosted up my sells.

Sometimes a client may have messaged a few sellers for the same type of job. Beating around the bush around a simple question can sometimes sway a potential buyer to go for another seller most specially if your response time is pretty high. What personally works for me is setting up custom offers for the clients right away.

Give them options in terms of budget and what they get for each specific budget. Provide samples if you have them and in the end leave room so that I client may ask a question if something is unclear to them.

A lot of clients are ready to buy on the spot and having a custom offer setup as opposed to another question can mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

Just make sure that you make it clear that you happy to answer their questions if they have any because in most cases if they do have a follow up question that’s where you get the chance to build rapport.


Avoid “buying time” tactics. Be upfront and show your are genuine, that works far better. Building Trust is most essential.


Great Suggestions!
Surely useful points

Great Advice @ivannicholo👍

You’re responding four years later.

@humanissocial, I am new to fiverr, busy in searching good things reading and thanking the good work please