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Tips: Yipee :) All 9 Orders - 5 Stars within 2 weeks. Waiting for 10th Order

Hello Friends… I would like to share my happiness that my 1st Gig Started doing well in last 2 weeks after creating account 2-3 months back & customers are returning for more orders :slight_smile:

My small TIPs as learner/beginner : As soon as you get your first Order :

  1. Try to response buyer messages with Super fast speed (enable app notification) and answer them with their queries along with some additional useful things which they might not have asked for.
  2. Try to deliver beyond their expectation and maintain quality.
  3. Do not rush for big money or costly packages in your gig initially unless you become Pro.

& do the same on all upcoming orders. :slight_smile:

I hope other Fiverr mates have success too and Pro Mates pls feel free to share some tips with us (rookies) to grow faster.


Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Check out : for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips (including from Pro Sellers) you need in the above.


@pikachuu007 Congratulations for your success. Keep it up.

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Thank you my friend :slight_smile:

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congratulations to you

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