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There should be no reason fiverr should take a cut out of our hard earned tips. There should a drop box for tip for every gig from 1$ to 10$ that goes directly to us. Also there should be an option for fiverr to take an extra 50Cents or so if we want our gigs promoted to the top of every search. what are your thoughts

I have no problem paying Fiverr a portion of my tips. The 20% I pay for the infrastructure, advertising, and support they offer is beyond reasonable!

I agree that being promoted for a charge is a path to people getting shut out by promoted gigs. Best we are promoted by merit!

Reply to @madmoo: The current way of getting tips is an hassle and very counter productive. Your solution is the best, it would be really good for both sellers and Fiverr alike.

This really needs to be on Fiverr’s top list of things to implement! I guess that list is quite long though…

either way, fiverr has been very good to me as much as I get frustrated with them. I have made over 1,000 USD in 3 months doing nothing. this is the best part time job for a full time student