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I have received work that are worth far more than the $5 I paid. I’d like it if there was a way to give sellers ‘tips’ for good work. Even if it would only be a couple bucks I’d love to be able to give them a little extra something for great work. Anyone else feel this way?


Exactly as @madmoo said…

I’d like to add, if you do wish to leave a tip, it must be $5 or more. There is no way to only tip a $1 or two.


That’s just sad that they make it that difficult though. I’m just saying; fiverr could make a lot more money by putting a simple message at the bottom of delivery that said something to the affect of:

Did this seller to a super job or go above and beyond? Then leave them a tip. They could leave it open for the buyer to type in the amount and then just take 20% of that amount just like they do with the gigs. It would make everybody more money and would let buyers reward good sellers.

I hate when people have to figure out go-around’s. I for one do not look at any other gigs offered other than the one I’m looking for and I’m not going to go back and see if they have a tip gig. People want simple, easy, and quick…which is probably why they use fiverr in the first place.

I appreciate your feedback madmoo & prohelper27; I just wish that the website did more to help you out in this regard.


Reply to @jeileen88: I do agree it would be nice if Fiverr implemented a feature where tips could be given in any amount, easily, right from the order page.

I think sellers would get a lot more tips that way!

Who knows, Fiverr may have something like this on their to-do list. :slight_smile: I hope so, anyway.