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I really am happy that the site does the tip thing however, I think we should be able to keep our tips that we earn. I just made level 2 seller and it was hard work. I recieved quite a few tips but the tips are because of my time and dedication I think we should be able to keep all of the tips because we earn them ourselves. Any thoughts on this?

I notice that people are looking but no one is replying why is that?

This question is asked at least once per week which is why it is not attracting comments.
Fiverr earns the fee being charged on your tips because of their “time and dedication”. No Fiverr - No Tips…

I am happy to get 80% from a tip. When I started the feature didn’t exist so this has been great since it allows you to get extra money. Realistically I don’t think it would work with the bookkeeping to separate the tips from income.

what @annai80 said.

Honestly, it’s about the same as saying to your friend. “I think we pay to much in taxes.”
-Your friend will nod, politely agreeing, but it won’t make the tax go away.

We pay some things like it or not. Why bother to mention it?


Guys stop whining, you agreed to this when you signed up. It’s fine. It’s free money.

I am a licensed tax preparer so I understand what you say :slight_smile:

I understand your point of view but as a waitress I got to keep my tips because I earned them through my going over the top with customer service which is what brought customers back, which is what made the resturant more money repeat customers come from the dedication of the individual giving the service

Well, because I think it is worth mentioning

i see you around the forums and basically your just rude to people , why is that? Does it make you feel better ?

Mine is not free money - I do honest work every day 8 hours per day on the site though yours may be if you keep giving the same info over and over and not being personal and caring of your clients

Because if it was done like that then all sales could be $5 and the rest could be given in tips.
Fiverr would not get what they are due.

Where you live maybe

Well? I a waiting for your rude response actually I expect it :slight_smile: So lets go with this debate.

have fun with the typo :slight_smile:

I think that response was about tips, which means it technically is free money. Tips are normally given after you’ve done the work and aren’t part of your pay for your honest work. It’s great that you work hard.

@eoinfinnegan tried to explain that there was another reason for the commission on tips and perhaps that should be reiterated. Not all sellers do honest work like you do. Some really are willing to scam people. If tips had no commissions, those dishonest sellers would abuse it. If a buyer wanted a quote for $10 of work, the seller could suggest that the buyer just pay $5 up front and then give $5 as a tip. Most buyers would like paying partial up front instead of the full amount. However, if tips weren’t under commission, Fiverr would lose their commission on half of the gig.

That’s not fair to Fiverr or to honest sellers. Eventually it would result in there being no tips allowed. No tips = no extra money whether you call it free money or not. I would rather have a $4 tip and let Fiverr keep $1 than no tip at all. If you search the forum, you’ll find this question asked and all these answers given over and over on the forum. So, now it’s here again with the same exact answers again. Hopefully this covers everything so we can let it go again.

RIP to Tips Q’s & A’s :slight_smile:

I would rather not let it go, my gig is for helping people to use a website much like this one. Sure, there are rules there as well … just as there are here on this site. I respect all rules of any site, having worked for one myself. However, Tips are earned and result in return customers for the site so the site earns their money plus more because of repeat customers. Tips and repeat customers are the result of the hard work and dedication of the person giving the service in the fist place.