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I understand that you work hard and respect rules. I get it that tips are earned and that happy buyers come back for more. I followed you on all that. That leaves two things I don’t understand in your comment.

What does any of it have to do with what I explained about why they charge commission on tips?

What do you not want to let go of?

Also, most payment providers charge to move money. This charge is often percentage-based. If Fiverr didn’t take a cut of tips then they would lose money on tip transactions.

not anything to let go of - I make a point with an actual comment and reason what about that does not make sense to you?

So hard honest workers have to pay for the crooks? Like how much sense does that make?

It’s a pity but it is the way of the world. The dishonesty of some leads to restrictions or inconvenience for all. Think airport (or any kind) security, tax audits etc. Such is life, I suggest you get used to it (or create a new utopian paradise somewhere, whichever suits).

What @eoinfinnegan says is spot on accurate. In everyday life, you can be the most honest person in the world and it doesn’t change things. As you go through your day, unless you live alone in a cabin deep in a forest, you are constantly paying for the community around you.

As far as Fiverr goes, there is no real way to tell who would break the rules and who wouldn’t so the 20% has to apply to everyone. Very honestly, I don’t mind it one bit.

I tried selling on several sites before Fiverr and didn’t make any money. I spent some money on “credits” or advertising, etc. Fiverr doesn’t cost me even a dollar unless I make four dollars for myself. When I work harder by bidding on Buyer Requests or promoting myself, I usually make more money. If I worked at a “regular” job they would take out taxes, insurance and all kinds of things. Tip or service, Fiverr seems very fair to me.