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Tired of all the jokers on here

Okay, so sure Fiverr is a good mark up place for easy jobs to be done, but what annoys me the most, is when sellers advertise their work, and then only deliver half of what they promise, or worse, they have such good feedback rating, but when you come with them with a task at hand, they come up with a world of excuses on why you should purchases more gigs or why they can’t do the job. It really annoys me. Most recent experience is finding someone to try and help me with my wordpress site, but I just don’t trust the ones who ask me to buy 100 dollars or more worth of gigs… anyone else find this amongst some sellers or experience something similar?

I think it all depends on the type of work you need done. I had a couple of Wordpress issues, and found someone awesome to fix them. If the issue is simple, most will fix one or two problems for $5, but if you have a world of problems, then it’s going to cost more and rightly so.

For me, it’s more important I found someone I could trust. That’s priceless to me :slight_smile: