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Tired of being burned


What prevents people from simply copying an existing site and changing the content? If you were dishonest you wouldn’t even need to purchase a theme.

I know that can lead to big legal trouble of course and it’s not uncommon but just saying, how to prevent that? You now have all these sites with identical coding aside from the content areas.


Search engines focus on content and you can even test how it sees your site

It’s not 100% accurate, but you’ll notice that most design elements make no difference to the search engines.
(Search engines are trying to evaluate user experience based on analytics data, but that’s a different story.)

I use Divi theme mostly, but I bet most people won’t be able to tell which theme I used without looking at the source code. All designs look very different. Probably Divi guys will see the subtle similarities in the modules I use :slight_smile:

I left Sublime & Dreamweaver behind when I moved to Wordpress sites :slight_smile:
I’m not building rocket ships anymore where I need custom coding.


You mean if you make a custom theme or style. Well nothing stops them really. I even had people stealing buttons from one of my sites by directly linking to them in their css. So i basically paid for their bandwidth until i noticed it.


How did you notice it? By looking at the site logs?


So in WP you are moving modules around and arranging them it looks like.
They all have a similar look to me.

What I dislike when I see those themes is the big photo that takes up everything above the fold. I know that can be changed though but it puts me off of it. I need to take a look at some of your site creations.

Looks like I will be getting a big monitor again, maybe even a desktop computer too.


Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla…) create the pages dynamically.
The reverse engineering of a theme taken from a live site is in most of the cases useless.
You can copy a CSS, but if you don’t understand the logic that is used to apply that CSS to the template you end with little or nothing. I think we’re going off topic, though.


This was back in 2003 so cant remember exactly, noticed in some statistics software that i used back then.


It still happens though, mostly phishing and scam sites do it.


Well all this discussion is tied to the OP’s question in a way. It all comes down to understanding what is involved in developing and editing a website, and hiring someone to help you with that.

Had the OP known about some of these things we have been discussing he could have saved himself from this problem he had.

If I hire someone on fiverr to make a site for me, can we work off of fiverr on it? I mean collaborate on it off fiverr?


Pretty much, but I’m also adding some custom CSS where needed to match buyer’s brand guidelines.

A background photo shouldn’t be the focus point to begin with. Most people don’t know how to use those.
It’s even worse when buyers ask me to use a slider that nobody actually cares about :slight_smile:

Like use other communication channels such as Skype for screen sharing and such?


Yes, it seems awkward to try to do a complex project like this using the fiverr messaging system. With skype for instance you can change things around on the site and show me how it looks in real time as we discuss it.

Otherwise, you will be simply making a site based on what I say, then delivering it and we go back and forth awkwardly and endlessly trying to get it right, using a message system.


Yep. I usually track all my tasks in Freedcamp which is designed for project management and use Skype screen sharing when I handover the site so that I can explain what’s what.

Fiverr is just a gateway to take in orders and deliver the end result.


I would want a few skype sessions to tell you what I want changed around.

It’s hard for me, as someone who is always independent, to imagine letting someone make a site for me without much of my own input into how I envision it. Just like hey here’s your new site. Ok that um, isn’t anything like I hoped for.

I sound like the buyer from h***.


:smiley: mhmh, I can see where this is going


It’s either that or I buy like ten sites hoping each time this one’s the charm.

So if there are revisions allowed that would help.


If you hire a professional developer then there will be multiple checkpoints anyway

  • discovery phase (where you list the requirements, set expectations and give the basic guidelines)
  • planning (developer will list what they can and can’t do)
  • designing (developer will create a mockup that will be reviewed together)
  • development (ends with a demo that buyer can test)
  • 2-3 revision rounds based on the demo
  • final testing and optimization (both sides do it)

Finally migration to the live server :slight_smile:
You don’t need to develop the site together because it would take more time for a developer to explain everything, but there will be multiple checkpoints to discuss the project


Is this a sketch or what? Or a site that you actually made based on what we discussed?

Sorry to go so off topic.


I think not so off-topic too, as it very nicely shows that there are sellers here who know their jobs and that if you choose the right ones, you probably will have a great experience. I use WordPress myself and found the thread very interesting, plus I have an idea now where to go if I encounter problems I can’t solve myself.

The real problem as many similar forum discussions show, isn’t that there aren’t many skilled sellers here but seems to be that it’s not so easy for everyone to pick the right seller for them right away.
As is understandable, if you only got their (sometimes just copied) profile and gig descriptions to go by and especially if you don’t know enough to be able to tell from a brief inbox conversation if the seller knows their field, and, after all, you probably are looking for one because you aren’t that knowledgeable in that field in the first place.

Experience with Fiverr and the forum discussions certainly help to avoid pulling the bad luck card a second time, and as the moderators said a few times, there are a lot of people who don’t write but read, so I guess these kinds of discussions can be helpful not only to those taking part but to others as well.

I for one, am glad about the OT. :wink:


I do my mockups in Photoshop or with It’s easier to change and move things around on a sketch.
Although with Divi & Elementor I have skipped it a couple of times because it’s quite easy to do the demo page right away. It really depends on the client. Some clients trust my vision and they only need a basic sketch from me to make sure we’re on the same page, while others tell me how many pixels each content section should be :slight_smile:

How to show demo websites to customer?

Good points @miiila. This is an interesting discussion with me, someone who has been searching for years for an experienced, trustworthy website developer, and apparently someone who has these qualities.

I dread having to experience what the OP did. It seems like there are a lot of opportunities to get the wrong person.