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Tired of Buyers who don't read gig description

My ghostwriting gig says “Important info below, please read before booking” and “Please contact me before placing an order.” It says THREE TIMES that I don’t accept non-fiction and the title says “I will ghostwrite and edit your FICTION story.” For the third time now, I got an order from a buyer who didn’t contact me first. They want me to write an ebook… about fitness. Something I know nothing about. If he’d contacted me beforehand, I’d have been able to tell him I don’t do non-fiction.

I can’t cancel because it’ll hurt my completion rate. It annoys me especially because people who DO contact me have to be turned away, yet I have to do my best to write something I don’t always feel comfortable with because someone can’t take thirty seconds to read important infomation.

I know fiction. I LOVE fiction. I can turn a vague outline into a powerful piece. I don’t know much about fitness and having to do hours of research and chew my nails hoping it’s up to the buyer’s standard isn’t worth it.

It’d be nice if Fiverr could implement a setting where we could have the gig be unbookable unless there’s been communication between the buyer and seller first. Any idea if that’s on the cards?

Thank you for reading!


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If you tell CS they can restore your stats since you have grounds to ask so. Happens on a basis. Just ask nicely.

Not gonna happen, that’s not how they’d want Fiverr to work. Unfortunately contacting beforehand, even if most do it, is just a formality.

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I feel your pain.

I write web content (blogs, articles).

I clearly state I just do the words and for the longest time I would still get the odd order from a Buyer wanting me to provide stock photos, as well.

I finally had to include the line: “You do understand that this order is just for written content and that I will not be providing stock photos? Answer YES or NO.” to one of the questions every Buyer must answer before pushing the Place Order button.

So far, it has worked.


I have (knock on wood) only gotten this question in before-order communication, thankfully. I’m continually surprised at the number of people that think our creativity as writers must extend to graphic design, video editing, etc. I tell them - would you go to an ophthalmologist if you needed foot surgery? Of course not. Just because they’re both doctors - creatives, in our case - doesn’t mean they’re interchangeable.

Hell, it’s the reason I picked my username! I feel like it’s pretty darn clear I only work with words, but I still answer the question at least a few times a week.


I would refuse to do that order. Ask the new buyer to mutually cancel the order. This will not affect your rating or anything. I have done it before. Or contact Help and Support. If you were not in the wrong they will help you reverse it.

I’m with you when you say there should be a feature which means a gig can’t be purchased without communication having taken place. A similar idea that I would love to see implemented is buyers being able to ‘reserve’ a gig, but it doesn’t become active until the seller agrees. It could have a 24 hour time limit so the buyer isn’t left hanging on waiting for the seller to confirm they’re happy to do the work.

However, you and I are both living in a fantasy world with our highly sensible ideas! The basic premise of Fiverr is that buyers can instantly purchase a service without delay. A bit like Fiverr having never strayed from selling gigs in multiples of $5, I can’t see the company breaking away from one of its most fundamental ways of operating.

Based on the number of times we see the topics of ‘buyer bought without messaging me first’ and ‘contact CS for a mutual cancellation without affecting your stats’ posted in the forum - just imagine how many requests Fiverr support must receive.

In the meantime it’s us sellers who have to face the consequences of an ill thought through system that could so easily be tweaked to serve the needs of those who raise the revenue for the platform.



It seems that if a buyer does not care to read the Gig description prior to ordering you will probably have trouble in your co-operation regarding communication anyway.

I think that this tip by looseink (below) is really a great idea! You can always use a screenshot of the buyers response in case you need to prove to customer supporty that a buyer has not read the requirements.


I will keep it short: Fiverr is set that buyer can buy without contacting us, as in we need to make everything clear in GIG description.


My main suggestion would be that potential buyer sees the requirements before making order.

That would help a lot.


Hey, just wanted to ask – have you tried this? If yes, how did it go?

Nope, but I’ve seen this happen at least once a month since I’ve been here.
You can restore stats and have reviews deleted if they’re mistakes/wrong/infringing the ToS. Not everything is 100% final.
Copy pasting stuff from previous threads:

UPDATE: Fiverr CS has restored my Completion Rate. It’s now back to 100%.

CS did restore my rate and I was very happy for them doing so :smiley:

I got 1* review changed to 5* fairly recently. A buyer left it by accident, got upset, came into my inbox asking me what to do. Only in my case I didn’t directly respond, contacted CS instead and asked them how to handle the situation.

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This is a fantastic idea! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, that’s very kind :smile:
I didn’t know Fiverr could restore your stats, that’s great to know!