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Tired of copy paste and typing? Let me do it for you!

Hi! I am Dine and I am a data entry expert. Below are the services that I am offering.

Data Entry (All type)
Copy Paste
PDF to word
PDF to excel
Business Cards details in excel
Online Data Entry
Offline Data Entry
Handwritten Document
Manually Typing Work
All Type of Admin work

Get to know me more by clicking on the link below

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Copy and paste has never been tiring!

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For some it is most especially if it involves a lot of data and you have so many things to do :slight_smile:

Boring? Yes. Time-consuming? Yes. Have better things to do with your time? Yes. Menial? Yes. Tiring? No.

We have different opinions about things but thanks for sharing yours :slight_smile:

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Must catch up on sleep now - been copying and pasting. :joy:

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You must be super tired now :joy: I think you really need that sleep so bad :rofl:

I am just here to read comments :slight_smile:
Ask the guy who sets all day on the job. OMG!!! This is hardest job in the world.
Yes, People can be tired of copy pasting.