Tired of Mass Emailing and Getting Reported + Not getting the return you wanted?


I will provide 10 Phone Verified Business Email Addresses Specifically targeted for your business. The owner of that business will be briefed on your company and be expecting an email from you!

The cost? A Fiverr!

The maximum that I can do for any customer would be 200 at a time.

Pay after the leads are gathered.

Link: http://fiverr.com/usaleeds/provide-10-phone-verified-business-email-addresses

You don’t need phone verified Leads? We can provide you with high quality scraped data from YP and Yelp.

Link: http://fiverr.com/usaleeds/get-you-highly-target-b2b-information-from-yp


Oh that was an accident, thanks for pointing that out.


Reply to @kjblynx: Hey thanks. I am kind of doing the fiverr thing on the side for fun :slight_smile: It’s more of a time killer than anything for me. As a new user your not going to quit your day job, it isn’t until you are a TRS that you can add large enough gig extra’s to make a decent capital you know. Anyways, so far I have had some fun and sold 5 gigs so I will probably stick around for awhile.


I think I would rather be a level 2 slow and steady then have to give up the site all together. I make too much money running my own businesses to give up on that to come here. So I feel where you stand is at a great position. You get to enjoy doing small gigs that are in and out type of things, probably something you enjoy doing, but you also get a chance to work a normal job making decent money. I assume you do at least, from your picture and the way you talk on the boards I would assume you have a decent education and that usually comes with a decent job.

Anyways, I do things I enjoy all the time for free, so even $5 is not a bad return.


Well you fooled me and I have been in sales and marketing since I was about 15(my first job was selling cars at a lemon lot) and have met 1,000’s of people and have been trained to make certain predictions off of the smallest things. You should consider expanding your education whenever in your life you have the time and money set aside to do so. I have never been to college either and have never been into reading/writing, however, I do enjoy meeting new people, testing my abilities, making improvements on those abilities and making something out of nothing. I am only 25 am a CEO of one successful company and the marketing and sales manager of another successful company. Now the only thing I do at either place really is maintain relationships with large corporations like 7-Eleven. This is no longer challenging and I don’t get to interact with as many people as I would like to anymore so that is why I posted my adds here :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool, I have a contract for the north eastern division for male enhancement supplements. Ultimately you may have helped sales at one my of my stores by organizing the and properly displaying my items. It’s a small world huh?


Yea that’s cool. What platform will you be developing for? I am eventually going to learn the Android SDK, I just feel I spent waaay too much time learning all of the Java applet packages to just forget them and start messing with Android’s packages = It’s like starting all over again. I will eventually though. That is more of one of my hobbies than anything. I enjoy a little bit of programming and reverse engineering has always been fun to me but I get frustrated often with it, I end up banging my head against a wall sometimes. Hope things work out with that though. I have done mostly socket related work and haven’t messed with the graphics much. What about you?


Oh that sounds cool. That is an important aspect of a game and I overlooked it completely. Well I wish you the best of luck with your game. I am sure it will turn out great. If your game gets big enough I may be able to use some of my contacts to sell your game through larger corporations. So just message me or something anytime.