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Tired of people requesting a revision because the file had the fiverr watermark

I am really tired of this, also I am tired of people requesting revisions just for a question, and I hate it when people request a revision to say “Thanks”.

Obviously, I hate this one the most:

Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.

I am in the ranting mood today. I had a buyer that did all three of them in the span of 30 minutes. (requesting 7 revisions in total) (while that particular gig has only 3).

Even after quoting the terms of service, he didn’t stop doing it. :frowning:


I assume you still haven’t received the “This gig was awesome, I can’t recommend it enough!” revision request #failed_feedback :smirk:

I saw recently that the revision request button now also mentions how many revisions are remaining (e.g. “Request Modification (3)”, then (2), and so on), based on how many we set up in the gig.

I guess that has no effect whatsoever - at least it shows that Fiverr admits there being an issue with the current revision system :wink:


I had gotten something similar, and the buyer messaged me in my inbox saying he left me a glowing review, and that he/she was really happy.

It doesn’t work, even after the number of revisions requested has come to the end, the buyers are still able to request modifications. Like you said it’s great that the guys from Fiverr admit that there is an issue with the revision system.


Can you add a price tag to the revisions so that when the buyer goes beyond the included amount that they’ll be automatically charged for each additional revision request? Don’t know if its possible but it would be a nice addition.


This is when you send them a custom offer for additional revisions. :slight_smile:

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I tried it twice, and guess what? I was asked for a refund. :expressionless:

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