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Tired of Sellers changing pricing once gig started

So, long time Fiver buyer, soon to be cancelling my account.

Over the past year, 2020, I have had a number of gigs where the seller accepts the gig, and then they get about half way and then demand more money. I had one gig that was $50 and then the person said “Oh I’ll need another $150 to finish the work.” Or they send a zip file and in the zip file is a text file that says “contact me via ■■■■■ or whatsapp” I had another gig where the person accepts the gig, and then starts to work on it and says “I need alot more data to make this work” and when I try to cancel, they refuse and I end up with message, after messgae, after message…

There have been a number of really good gigs, but about 80% of the gigs in 2020, end up being cancelled or I get no results. I think the quality has gone down on Fiverr. And just for anyone thinking I’m complaining about $5 gigs, no, my gigs lately have been $50, $100 type gigs.

Off the soapbox for now


Increasing the price is against the ToS and you can report those sellers.

Misrepresenting Gig elements
Do not:

  • Raise the price of your Gig service in personal messages before or after purchase.Bait-and-switch marketing is not acceptable.



First please accept my sincere apologies. Fiverr is a marketplace for professionals & yes for some reason the quality has gone down on Fiverr. Actually every single day new sellers are joining this marketplace so they can get some kind of work. (COVID-19 changed everything & for them Fiverr is their only hope because they can easily earn money online by offering services)

Some lost their job & some are starting their freelance career for the first time. So please stay away from the new sellers & I mean the scammers because they know nothing about Fiverr at all.

Contacting outside Fiverr platform is forbidden. Yes they’re clearly violating the rules here. Just contact Fiverr Customer support team & report them. They will get banned immediately :slightly_smiling_face:


Take time to analyze and spot bad sellers, there are lots of red flags on scammers. I ordered like 10-20 jobs on fiverr and never had bad experience. Im ordering only from 5 star sellers with at least 30 reviews who have good samples and seem to know what they talk about.


This is also against TOS and you can also report seller who does it.


That`s really sad for me

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You should contact CS and provide screenshots and proper detail. I’ve had two poor experiences as a buyer and CS responded in less than a day on both with refunds, I don’t think you should give up on the platform completely, there are a lot of great sellers on here that make the experience worthwhile.


Many sellers feel that the quality of buyers has significantly gone down, too.

I don’t mean you, I’m speaking generally. And with a huge number of sellers joining during the pandemic, whether they have something to offer or not, and desperate to feed their families, the quality was bound to go down.

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Please report those who have violated the rules (increasing the price even though no additional work was required, asking for contact outside of Fiverr). You’ll do everyone a favor.


It’s kinda sad when this seller getting paid for big but then the new seller like me can’t find any buyers like you even though we also have special skills and needed financial needs to our sons and daughter because of pandemic season. hahahaha


Yes, it is sad for new sellers who want to get sales. The sellers who are trying to cheat both the system and the buyers are to blame. @michal247 is only trying to protect himself against the cheaters.


@vickiespencer Still new sellers doesn’t really have that hard, new seller exposure in market is powerful thing. After you level up you wonder where all that exposure is :sweat_smile:

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Is it possible you were asking for more after you placed your order? I’ve had a few buyers ask for way beyond what my gig offers. So yes, then you should be paying more.


Really Sad to hear this


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I’m really disappointed.
It’s sad for sellers. But not everyone is like that… Professional seller cant do this . For sellers like this, the buyer loses trust on the seller. You talk to fiverr support .

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