Tired of sellers offering design service for $5 then turning around and demmanding more money


This is getting old… I’ve had far too many sellers advertise $5 services in the gig headline and then after I order they turn around and tell me things that were mentioned in the gig title are not included.


The “for $5” part of the headlines are automatically set by Fiverr, hence the name “Fiverr.” Designing takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention a lot of creativity. You won’t be able to find specialized services like that for $5, even in cheaper content mills.

Usually, designers on Fiverr will ask their customers to contact them first so they can give you an estimate of the full job, or they’ll offer gig extras that include the services that you want.

Now, I don’t know how simple your orders were, but the fact is, you can’t expect people to spend hours on a design project and happily receive $5 ($4 after Fiverr’s commission).

digilancer99 said: The "for $5" part of the headlines are automatically set by Fiverr,
The seller fills in everything between "I will" & "for $5" - that's what @djcj916 is complaining about.

If a seller charges $80 to complete a logo, the gig title shouldn't be, (according to Fiverr's Terms of Service): "I will create a logo for $5". If the ONLY thing a seller actually sells for $5 is a 'concept' sketch and anything else is a gig Extra, the title should be: "I will do a logo concept sketch for $5"! Just because Fiverr only gives the option for a $5 gig title, that does not mean it's OK, ethical or otherwise cool to lie about what is really, truly and genuinely provided for $5!

Threads like this are not about devaluing the time, effort or creativity of anyone! They are about specifically and literally telling someone they will get something for $5, displaying glorious pictures immediately under the specific and literal words and then not providing the product or service at that cost! The whole story. The End. That's all there is to it.

@digilancer99, I'm not attacking you personally, but there is nothing wrong with expecting someone to "happily receive $5" for something they willing and intentionally advertise as costing $5.


You get what you pay for. Let’s look at this example from BookReviewStew .

I will produce a 20 word newscast video with City Lights intro Gig Extra option for $5


OK, maybe most people are happy with his basic gig, for those who are not, he has gig extras. See picture below.

Would I pay $50 for 4-day delivery? No, but then again, someone with deep pockets might pay that. And if that person needs it in 24-hours, he might ask BookReviewStew how much would he charge for 24-hour delivery?

Or you can hire VoiceOverPete who does 40 words for $5.


And offers 4-day delivery for $40.

See? That’s the beauty of competition, and it’s up to the buyers and sellers to decide what they want to do and for how much. For example, I refuse to write press releases, I don’t care if you offer me $100, I just don’t like them.

"after I order they turn around and tell me things that were mentioned in the gig title are not included."

Did you read the gig extras? Did you know what you wanted? More things costs more money. Even Level 1’s have gig extras.


Excuse my rambling. It may not all make sense… I’m tired.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were attacking me at all. I do understand how someone could assume that the gig would perfectly reflect the headline, especially a new buyer. I’m assuming that the thread-maker has come across sellers who were shady and had no information in their gig descriptions about any extra costs, or had extremely specific headlines like “I will design and publish 10 pages of your website for $5” but then asked for more money for it. (Publish pages of a website? Is that a thing?) In that case, sure, shady stuff.

The thing is this - there’s nothing wrong with expecting some large job for $5 if the headline says so. I do the same thing sometimes. The problem lies with buyers not reading gig descriptions for more of the general titles. Fiverr’s concept isn’t equipped to perfectly represent design jobs, and the high competition on the website makes it hard for a lot of sellers to get a lot of orders by first offering a simple concept. I imagine most people are understanding of the extra costs, especially if it’s a big job like a website design. Gigs like mine (writing, mostly) make it easier to be more direct and “honest” in the headlines. I don’t believe creative design has the same luxury.

It’s one thing for a seller not to include any information in the gig description about prior contact or have gig extras. That’s just shady. But, if the gig descriptions directly state the costs or ask for buyers to first make contact with the sellers, I really don’t see the problem. What’s the big deal of having to take a couple of minutes out of your search to read the specific instructions/information?

Misleading? Yes, but completely understandable. Just take 1-5 minutes to fully read the gig description and send a message to the seller about what you need.

Of course, a lot of this is based on my bias as a seller, and all the frustrations I’ve had over buyers who would just expect too much from me, even with direct gig headlines.

Btw, I’m not saying that you’re telling me people don’t have to read the gig descriptions. I’m just saying that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings or issues with expectations if sellers provided info and buyers read it thoroughly.


I’m tired of buyers that are not reading the description of the gig…


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Agree 1000%


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yep, you do get what you pay for. Again, this is not about preventing sellers from adding extras or up-selling, that’s all fine & dandy. It’s a simple case of the gig being what the title says it is, and being available for $5, as it says in the gig title. :slight_smile:

Your first example of BookReviewStew says in very plain English that for $5 a buyer will receive a 20 word video with a City Lights intro. Awesome. That is exactly what the buyer should get for $5. If they want speedy delivery or more words; load on the extras. Also awesome. BUT, in the description it says “DYNAMIC CITY LIGHTS INTRO” is a gig extra and costs an additional $20.

Why would a buyer pay an additional $20 to get an “extra” that is already included in the $5 basic gig?

Perhaps “City Lights intro”, “DYNAMIC CITY LIGHTS INTRO” and “the personalized city lights intro” described in the gig extra menu are all different things and the “City Lights intro” is the one that’s included in the $5 basic gig.

Or perhaps, BookReviewStew is lying in his gig title so that potential buyers think they are getting a gig extra as a ‘free bonus’ included in the $5 basic gig.


Reply to @digilancer99: Thank you for actually reading my comment and trying to understand the point I was making. :slight_smile:

For the record, I have only been a seller on Fiverr. The reason this whole issue burns my biscuits is because it’s not about accidental misunderstandings - those just happen, hence “accidental”. It’s not about buyers not thoroughly reading descriptions, or sellers being ‘expected to deliver the moon and the stars for $5’. It’s ONLY about sellers consistently saying “I will ******* for $5” and using the gig description to emphatically say they will not.

The main argument that gets tossed around to defend sellers against these complaints is that buyers ask for way too much and that the gig description is ‘what really counts’. And again, no personal offense is intended, but saying that it’s OK to lie and mislead in any particular industry because there’s more competition, is just plain unethical. There are lots of doctors in the world, but they can’t go around advertising that they can cure all cancers just to get ahead of the competition and then tell their patients that they should have paid more attention to the encoded message ‘fine print’.


I’m going to set up a new gig. "I will ensure that you earn $8 million dollars on Fiverr for $5."

The description will eventually give the vague impression (in cryptic terminology) that a $5 basic gig only gets them .000000000000001 cent of increased earnings, they’ll have to add extras.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Of course saying “I will ensure that you earn $8 million dollars on Fiverr for $5” is ridiculous. That’s a lot more specific than what I’m talking about. But something like website design is a very large project, consisting of various factors and special features. In my opinion, a simple design made in Photoshop is PART of the project. Therefore, if I open a gig that reads “I’ll create your website for $5” expecting to get a fully functioning website, I’m not going to be mad if I read the gig description and see that I’d only get a Photoshop design IF the gig description and gig extras read that the extra for a fully functioning website is more money OR if the the seller says the basic price is for a design and buyers must make contact for an estimate for full functionality.

I only find it unethical if the seller doesn’t include any information in the gig description or gig extras, then surprises the buyer when he or she makes the purchase. It’s not the buyer’s fault the seller was misleading and wily.

If the seller is very direct in the gig description but has a vague gig headline like that, I do not personally see any issue with it. It’s not the seller’s fault that the buyer did not read the gig description, which is in no way “fine print” or hidden behind the costs.

As for your doctor’s comparison, I find it incomparable. I’d rather compare this to any other marketing tactic that offers services with included costs. However, I wouldn’t call what sellers who accurately describe their costs in the gig descriptions as schemes, since a real scheme would have hidden costs that are purposely diverted away from the buyer’s eyes.

I see how you could see the situation like this and I do respect your perspective, but I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree that the gig headline isn’t the deciding factor of a gig. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: A dynamic city lights intro is not the same as a city lights intro. Dynamic means that the lights blink, that it looks like he actually has a window of city lights. It’s a production thing. If you’re making a movie or a newscast, you can have a picture of a river that doesn’t move, or you can have a river with flowing water.

What us sellers try to do is to make the most money as possible. I could offer 5 brand names with free domain search, but why would I do that? I like getting paid for the domain search, because it’s extra work.

Of course, as individuals we all have our own values. To me “fast delivery” means 24-hours, to some popular sellers it means 3 days. The problem is that some buyers on Fiverr expect consistency, they expect every seller to sell the same way, that’s like expecting every restaurant to sell the same food.


Reply to @digilancer99: The $8 mil. gig is only ridiculous because it crosses the line of what you personally consider to be far-fetched. :slight_smile: In principal, it is exactly the same as “a website for $5”. A clear statement that is contradicted in the description copy.

But, it really doesn’t matter. There is no Fiverr rule against it, and it’s actually to everyone’s (Fiverr & seller) benefit.

I tend to get overly involved when I see a discussion get way off track because it becomes ‘personalized’; buyers and sellers each end up arguing defensive points that don’t actually have anything to do with the original post. In this case:

djcj916 said: I've had far too many sellers advertise $5 services in the gig headline and then after I order they turn around and tell me things that were mentioned in the gig title are not included.

100% true, 100% reasonable & 100% an expression of personal frustration. It aggravated me that the OP (and all buyers in general) got attacked for being unrealistic, inattentive and under-appreciative.

Silly me. :) As usually happens, the OP disappeared after their mini-rant, I'm labeled as a traitor who doesn't understand "making money", the folks who can't see beyond their personal agendas, won't see past, and the ones who 'get it', don't really care! C'est la vie.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks, but I do know the difference between “dynamic” and static. :wink:

fastcopywriter said: that’s like expecting every restaurant to sell the same food.
More like expecting a seafood restaurant to sell seafood, but yeah, I get your point.

I need to thank you (and @digilancer99) for something else too. I don’t spend that much time ‘tending my Fiverr garden’ so even though I noticed a change, it didn’t really click into place until being involved in this thread - I haven’t adapted to the climate change.

Fiverr is no longer the “$5 marketplace” I joined a couple of years ago. They’re doing a decent job keeping up the pretense for traffic, but otherwise, not so much.

There are jumble sales and high-end department stores - each is presented and promoted in very different ways, and to very different audiences. Fiverr is no high-end shop, but there has been a bit of a shift. My gigs were never set up to, nor do they, attract the same people that are looking for a billion Facebook likes for $5. Even so, it’s time to dress more appropriately for the weather in my own neighborhood. Thanks, guys.


If some buyers would simply message the Seller prior to ordering, any confusion whatsoever can be cleared up. Some sellers are not very fluent in english and they honestly do their best to relay what exactly they want to do for you for $5.

So to conclude,

If you want work done, simply contact the seller beforehand so that you wont feel as though you’re being lied to/cheated/slighted in any way form or fashion.

That way everybody wins.

The end.


Reply to @itsyourthing: My last client paid me $20 to write a 2-minute commercial, and then demanded a revision. So tell me, do you think a 2-minute commercial is worth $5? Because 99% of commercials are 30 seconds.

Fiverr is a $5 marketplace, and frankly, I wish he had made a $5 order because writing 2-minutes takes longer than writing 30 seconds, so when he demanded a revision, I simply cancelled the work.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I have no way of valuing that commercial. There are too many variables that I’m not privy to. I don’t know what you’re getting at.


@itsyourthing – I came across this thread by accident but HOORAY for you girlfriend, I think what you said is PERFECT! As a buyer (and I have only had a few buys thus far), I find it very confusing what many of the sellers actually offer for $5… Is it unrealistic to think that you can get a great logo for $5? Well, it is a gamble – do I expect to pay $5.00 for a fully functional/usable “in every way” logo (EPS, VECTOR etc.)? - I suppose if someone is saying that they WILL in the gig title - then they SHOULD… But I have read more titles saying that they will do JUST THAT, then get into their descriptions further to see that they do NOT… That is fine - but what exactly am I getting for $5? I don’t want chicken scratch – for $5.00 if someone tells me that they will work hard to get some sort of idea going based on what I have told them, and provide a rough draft that matches what I am asking for I have NO problem going forward to give more money for additional formats and perfecting (but also – what do you do if you give an idea for that $5 and the seller is WAY off? Do you request a revision?) What I find in my searching, is a very open ended / loose idea of what I will be spending and what I will be receiving… I want to hit the $5 button with so many of these gigs, but I sense that the seller may assume the buyer is cheap when only asking for the $5 gig off the top and therefore will not put enough time into that $5 gig - in the end, what the buyer will get will be so unimpressive/amateur that there is no point to go further…

I am willing to spend $5 + $20 (extra gig) + $10 (extra gig) + another $20 (extra gig) - but not necessarily right at the starting point… What would be great – is for that $5 gig to be something enough to wow me so I am willing to move forward, but I see that a lot of level 1 & level 2 sellers that don’t want to take the time to do that (they won’t even start a “gig” for less than $45)… It really is hard to know who to start with… Like I said it is a gamble – (oh and I did not mean to make this into a long rant – I just wanted to compliment @itsyourthing – OOPS :slight_smile:

mara2131 said: Like I said it is a gamble -- (oh and I did not mean to make this into a long rant -- I just wanted to compliment @itsyourthing -- OOPS
Thank you! Honestly, I really appreciate it. It's nice to know that at least once in awhile my compulsive urges to clarify communication and present both sides of a coin aren't a complete waste of time. :) Good luck & thanks again!


Reply to @itsyourthing: Honestly, no one is labeling you as a traitor or is attacking your opinion. This is a place for discussion, and we are all expressing our own opinions on the matter. Never once did I say I didn’t understand your point of view or used my personal agenda to try and convince you of whatever I was saying. I don’t even work with design.

I do care about understanding others’ views, but I also care about expressing my own, which is why the discussion even took place in the first place. So yes, we don’t agree, but there’s no reason to suddenly label yourself as the victim. I believe that your perspective is completely valid, as is mine. It’s not a black and white TOS rule we were talking about, so there’s bound to be varying opinions. And as I see it, your opinion has a lot of supporters as well.