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Tired of these types of buyers!

So, I make a nice banner visual corresponding to the colors of the buyers website and even matched the logo. I hit deliver and even gave a banner preview of what it would look like on the buyers website, also note the buyer already as a banner that they made. So then today I get this response

"that is not at all what i am looking for I am afraid. It is nothing like any of the examples you have on your page. Its too dark and I actually prefer the one i already have. I don’t really know what more to say"

Then I think to myself what buyer said in the beginning of the order:

"I would like some options for a new header which doesn’t look home made as my one at the moment,

I would like something professional but not too sure what so will leave it up to you."

So I make something more professional and yet yours is better well all I have to say is GG to you, I also like how the buyer believes my samples on my gig were added by me WHAT A JOKE.

I feel this girls pain

Had something very similar happen to me. Met exact specifications, they reply with “not what I’m looking for”. Well, that doesn’t matter, I’ve done exactly what you asked, that you don’t like what you asked for isn’t my problem? Seriously. He did NOT like it when I said I would be able to sell it to someone else. Sorry, not your design if you didn’t pay for it buddy.

I don’t know if you have one or not, and this is just a suggestion (it definitely doesn’t always solve this problem), but I’ve found that adding a note called my “Revision Policy” that basically states that they are paying for my time, not for a word count (insert your kind of work here) and that I am not going to revise or refund unless I have ignored the express instructions I was given, cuts down on some people coming back and trying to get more work/a refund because it wasn’t “what they imagined,” especially when instructions like, “just use your creativity” are given.

chase183 said: , I also like how the buyer believes my samples on my gig were added by me WHAT A JOKE.

So they weren't your work but someone else's?

No, its my work. What Im saying Is I like how the buyer believes I choose what banners I have in the sample. If one looks better than the other its because the buyer was more concise about what they wanted, not just saying make me something with no idea of what they want.

Reply to @chase183:

It’s so true, I’ve gotten so many customers who say

"I like the examples in your gallery a lot more than what you’ve provided in this order"

this mostly happens with customers who order a flyer and put LOADS of text on it which makes it impossible for me to add any design element to it, it’ll be a paper with a background and a bunch of text on it…

and when I deliver the flyer to them, including all the text they wanted on it… they’re disappointed cause it doesn’t look as good as the flyer that has the venue, date and performers on it .

Reply to @rebelnation: Oh, now that make more sense, I thought @chase183 was talking about he can’t control which banner to show in his gig and which not, not talking about design style.

Anyway, there’re someone on the forum complaining about a top rated seller refused to do their logo. So they did it themselves, and the result is…, well let’s say this is another case where people think owning a high price camera make them the best photographer, and having photoshop on their computer makes them a designer.