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Tired of this new algorithm

My gig is stuck somewhere on the 10th page. I tried everything to improve the ranking of my gig but I am failed. I have 6 positive 5-star reviews and my gig is on the 10th page. I have seen many sellers with just 1 review or zero reviews and their gig is showing on the first page.

Idk what Fiverr is trying to do from last 2 months but if they did not stop all this they will loose their name and reputation.

It has made getting orders for the new sellers really tough! People used to join fiverr as it used to promote new sellers right now I am in doubt a bit ! ! !

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It is not Fiverr’s job to promote you to success. YOU need to do that on your own.


Just out of curiosity when everyone says promote your gigs to get orders, does it make sense to you that those who see your gigs on social media come to fiverr and then look around the site and not just at your gig and buy it?

I have not heard anyone explain how you keep the person who sees your gig on social media on YOUR gig, and then get a sale from it instead of losing them once they are on the site.


Honestly speaking, the social media promotion never made any sense to me. May be its just for impressions and clicks. I might be wrong but thats just IMHO you know. :wink:

Going a little off topic here so I will keep it shortish

It’s true, you can’t control what people do when they get to Fiverr BUT you can control the manner and reason they come to your gig. If you were to just randomly post your gig link on social media then people will more than likely take a look around the site and may not find their way back to your gig.
However, if you have spent time cultivating a relationship with your audience then when they click your gig link they are coming to see what YOU offer and perhaps to buy YOUR service, not just out of general curiosity. The Relational Marketing section of this post explains a little about how to do effective social media marketing.
@uncarved could probably explain a bit about this, I remember she posted about this somewhere.


I’ve been paged.

Okay. First off my fiverr gigs are the result of what I have been doing for three years prior to coming here. I was a writer before that full time.

So now the writers that I’ve been with in the community came to me to promote them. I put my links on our forum pages, we talk together, we interact. I don’t drop a link and leave. I don’t post in general forums or on social media that isn’t specific to writers and authors. I’ve honed where I am and these people know me.

So when I say social media, I mean if you do logos you should be in with small business start up groups. Talking with them like a real person and then a few months later, then you can drop a link to your logo business. It’s more apt to work then, after they see you contribute and are part of the community and aren’t just spamming them for cash.

Think of the long game, that you’re building a business. Do not come here and think that it is a get rich quick scheme. Plan for what you want your business to be six months from now and start building relationships that will turn everything into success.

I get more from word of mouth where authors tell other authors about me, and through my forums and facebook groups, than I will ever get through the mysterious search algo here. It’s why you will never hear me complain about fiverr.


I have the same problem. I really give a good effort to design the best stuffs for my clients and as a result, I have 5* on all of my 52 reviews. Even as a level 2 seller, I just got 2 direct orders in last 2 months.

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I can’t be the only one wondering of you can read minds and predict the future, why is the algorithm such a hard nut to crack?


Ouch - I can feel your pain.

I woke up this morning to 5 messages. Good god, I thought I would have a heart attack. At one time I would get 10 to 20 new buyer messages a day and that dried up. Messages are the gateway to sales so if your messages dry up, good chance your orders will too.

After the morning gold rush things went back to normal - tick tock, tick, tock, tick tock.

Yup… 2 messages (in last 2 months) ended with 2 orders. :frowning:
I heard sellers get a very good workload (a good few orders everyday) after reaching level 2.
Seems like you are doing good there right now. All the best :slight_smile:

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Wise words :slight_smile:, this is something everyone should have to take care off :blush:

I’m a level 2 seller after doing well in the past few months and noticed a significant drop as well recently.
Not sure what i can do to get back on track.

Well, I dont have any new order for couple of weeks now. That’s never happened even when I did not ranked at the top last time.

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Actually, now that you mention it, she HAS figured it out better than anyone has and we had a discussion about it and what she said about it was spot on. It was something I never would have guessed or figured out.

It keeps changing almost day by day but the insight she gave me about it caused me to have the best month I ever had by far.

There is a good reason she is one of the most popular psychics on fiverr.

@psychicbunny Thank you psychicbunny.


Yup. She has explained something to me as well and she definitely knows what she’s saying!


You’re new stop complaining.

One of my gigs got blasted into oblivion a couple of days ago…like disappeared (ok it was on the 12th page) and today it’s back where it belonged.

I’ve worked out the current method of getting ranked and boy do I hate it -_-

Well then care to share?

Yeah, get an order of $500 and bam you up there with the best of em.


I know this seems like really unreliable but test it and see.